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  • Apple now tells users to unpair Apple Watch Series 3 before updating

    If this was simply a four year old model that Apple were doing their best to maintain support for that would be one thing, but the fact that this is a CURRENT model that Apple are still selling today makes this unacceptable.  The unpairing/updating process does indeed take hours, and is not a simple process either, especially if you use Apple Pay and have to get your bank(s) to reauthorise cards as well.

    They should have taken this off the market a year or two ago.  If they’re insisting on still selling it, then support it properly with tailored and optimised updates that actually fit the device.
  • Hands On: Wristcam, an Apple Watch band with dual cameras

    I guess it’s impressive that they’ve taken this so far, but the problem they have is that if there were a genuine market for this, Apple would already be all over it with a better and more integrated product.

    If they end up proving there is a market for it, Apple will again be all over it with better product.

    Either way, Apple are never going to allow this to have the kind of tight integration into WatchOS that would make it truly worthwhile.
  • 'The Morning Show' wins Apple TV+ its first Emmy

    I think it’s probably more to do with the fact that the morning show, along with the rest of AppleTV+ content, was and is a bit meh.  They were never going to be Netflix overnight no matter how much money they threw around, and sure enough the service is still very far behind the competition.  And I say this as someone who, inexplicably, still pays a sub to watch it.
  • Compared: Apple Watch Series 6 versus Apple Watch SE versus Apple Watch Series 5

    The SE seems more like a slightly tweaked and warmed over S4 than anything else.  It loses the ECG and gains a compass, and that’s about it - same display, chip, and everything else.
  • iPhones could detect when drivers have had too much to drink

    If you’re too drunk to drive (but intending to do it anyway) I suspect you’ll be too drunk to take orders from your phone when it tries to warn you, also.

    People with any sense won’t wait until their phone detects this, they wont be drinking if they’re driving in the first place.