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  • US DOJ, SEC investigating how Apple handled throttling of aging iPhone batteries

    launfall said:
    I don't for a minute think that Apple was trying to make obsolete their older iPhones. What I do believe is that Apple still suffers from the same hubris that has plagued the company since it's creation. You don't deliberately create a problem for a customer's phone because you think it's good for them.  You spell out what the update does in highly visible plain English and provide them with the means to disable the modification. Over the years I have spent well over $100,000 on Apple products, starting with the 2GS, and it has infuriated me that Apple, seemingly on a whim, will remove a product feature, only to restore it when the shit hits the fan. This "we know what's best for you" hubris is in the DNA of Apple, put there by Jobs and perpetuated by Cook.  Hopefully this slap in the face, and shareholder wrath, will wake Cook up and Apple will be a better company for it.  They deserve the opprobrium they are currently receiving and you can lay that squarely at Cook's doorstep. A CEO's job is to NOT devalue the company, and he has done just that.
    But Apple didn't remove a feature in this case; they added one to ensure the phone doesn't shut down under certain processor loads.

    I understand where you're coming from and your complaint of Apple's "hubris", but I think you're off the mark here.
  • US DOJ, SEC investigating how Apple handled throttling of aging iPhone batteries

    It'd be interesting to know which specific laws the DOJ and SEC think were violated by Apple.  I hope this is not a case of these government agencies trying to drum up charges just because of a small vocal minority.  This whole fiasco, and the whining that has fueled it, continues to be ridiculous
  • 2018 iPhone SE predicted to be a minor upgrade, if it happens at all

    schlack said:
    I guess minor is relative. If they keep the price the same but replace the A9 era processor with an A11, more RAM, and more storage, that would be a pretty major upgrade to the phone.

    The SE is a phone for folks that don't care about the latest and greatest; they mainly want typical functions like calling, texting, and web browsing to work.  Nothing earth shattering.  It's still a modern looking phone, so updated internals would satisfy most everyone that would b e interested in this device.
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  • Rumor: Apple buying screens for 13" MacBook, could signal end of MacBook Air

    Another thought: maybe a 13" screen will be used in a MacBook that takes the place of the current 12", but in the same size chassis with thinner bezels.
  • Apple to pump $350B into US economy over next 5 years, pay record $38B in repatriation tax...

    napman said:
    Apple urged the previous administration to allow a "tax holiday" so they could repatriate these funds but it was refused.  So this move is unquestionably the result of the recent tax bill.

    None of this would’ve happened unless the tax plan had been passed. 👍