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  • Apple Maps team spotted doing on-foot sensor recon in San Francisco

    volcan said:
    lkrupp said:
    Really, nobody gives a rat’s patootie what you do.
    So the poor functionality I described is just fine and dandy for you?
    Apple maps has been vastly superior to google maps since 2012.  Your complaints are not indicative of a serious problem.
  • New Stockholm city council vows to block unpopular Apple store plans

    Once again, government is evil and the masses are brain washed zombies.  Looking at the renderings all the criticisms are BS.
    jbdragon[Deleted User]
  • What the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are really doing to your selfies

    Hey AI:

    Glad you’re giving Max Y. work here, he does a great job. But you should give him credit. This has his fingerprints (and face) all over it. Is Daniel too much of a attention hog to use real bylines for other writers?  

    Big step up from most writing in this site.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook talks privacy, China and Alex Jones with HBO's VICE News Tonight


    I’ve been an Apple customer for over 30 years.  One reason has been Apple’s honesty in all things.

    I don’t believe you regarding Alex Jones or not “leaning”.

    If you were being honest something would have changed- but Jones was there for years, unchanged, and suddenly you remove him?

    Only 30 years ago people like you and me were censored for being gay.  You have failed to champion free speech for all.

    I dont like Alex Jones, but I hate fascism even more.

    Today you have become the fascists, proving Reagan right when he said:

    ”If Fascism ever comes to America it will be under the guise of liberalism.”

    My time with Apple May be coming to an end. Rather than being an all Apple household I now have a half dozen Linux machines and a Windows PC. (And still apple devices, but now I’m looking at others too.)

  • Apple Heart Study data reportedly used to win FDA approval for Apple Watch ECG

    Seriously, fuck the FDA. Tens of thousands of people die each year because the FDA keeps good safe medical devices and cures off the market or makes it so expensive to get approval they are never even invented. They are not based in science they are a shakedown racket.

    I really think those downplaying the significance of this are reprehensible.  Since doctors are hard to access and will blow you off if you don’t have clear symptoms, having always present medical monitoring is one of the few things that’s actually improving in health care.