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  • Apple objects to app's pear logo trademark application

    This is outrageous.  The logo looks nothing like the Apple logo.  Apple is wrong here.  They need to apologize at once to this company.
  • Apple wants your iPhone to replace your passport and driver's license

    No thanks.  Having a central point of failure (everything on one device) is not cool.  No fun if device goes missing.  What if it gets hacked too?  As somebody else said,  don’t like idea of handing over phone ... it getting dropped.  I would rather drop it.    On a side note,  I tried to post on the website for this forum and it does not render correctly or work.  Does anybody know how to get rid of dark mode on the full website version too?
  • Review: iPhone SE is the definition of affordable smartphone power

    Yeah, I get that it’s “a good deal” but you get (or don’t get in this case) what you pay for. Sorry, but Touch ID/home button, no Face ID, small battery, and large top/bottom bezels among other things are ancient history, and should be retired. Not all of us have the eyesight of a teenager anymore. My XS max fits my pocket fine. And if it didn’t, the X/Xs would. The best part is that we won’t be hearing the nauseating SE rumors for another 4 yrs again.
    @captain,  you are entitled to your opinion.  But I disagree that this style of phone which is only a few years old can be called "ancient".  There are also people who prefer Touch ID and\or home button instead of what passes as the user interface of the "non ancient" iPhones.  As for the battery, given that this has a "non ancient" CPU, perhaps it will do better than the "ancient" 8 series.
  • Apple plans to reopen some Apple Store locations in the first half of April

    M68000 said:
    It seems a bit too early to make announcements like this, just my opinion.  There was just an article today in USA Today that said the CDC reported the virus stayed active on surfaces in cruise ships for up to 17 days.  If that is true,  such a thing is really significant in understanding how tough this can be to deal with.
    Probably why there was no announcement. The article is based on rumor and not anything Apple has said. 
    Actually if you read the FIRST sentence of this article you may learn otherwise. -  I quote from this article - Apple expects to reopen its brick-and-mortar retail outlets in the first half of April, retail and people chief Deirdre O'Brien told staffers on Tuesday."   Did you not read the article ?
  • Review: Mous and the merits of a modular iPhone case system

    I had a phone case that had a magnetic piece to hold a flap closed.  While staying at a hotel,  put the phone in pocket with hotel room keycard that had mag strip.  Guess what,  my phone case erased that card strip so had to go to lobby to get back in my room.   Not a fan of cases with magnetic fields.