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  • Review: Mous and the merits of a modular iPhone case system

    I had a phone case that had a magnetic piece to hold a flap closed.  While staying at a hotel,  put the phone in pocket with hotel room keycard that had mag strip.  Guess what,  my phone case erased that card strip so had to go to lobby to get back in my room.   Not a fan of cases with magnetic fields.
  • iPhone 11 Pro review - Buy for the better camera, stay for the battery life

    tyler82 said:
    Until these are notchless, I’ll pass.
    Apple seems to like it for whatever reason.  They must think that tiny bit of screen space is a good thing.  But it comes at a price.  The notch is both futuristic looking and distracting at the same time.  The eye is drawn to it often when looking at the new phones.   It may be possible to deal with it but it remains distracting.
  • What Apple is holding back for iOS 13.1

    why doesn’t Apple just wait for 13.1 to be ready instead of putting out 13 for everyone?  Just do 13 on the new phones.  Seems like a lot of extra confusion and time wasted doing upgrade to 13 if 13.1 is coming out soon after.  I’m waiting.
  • All three 2020 iPhone models expected to have 5G wireless connectivity

    wood1208 said:
    Much as 5G hype making me think to upgrade 2020 iPhone, I am thinking to upgrade 2019 and than in 2021 or 2022 models. I am OK to ride 4G LTE for a while than buy 5G service when I don't have choice or the cost of service is similar to current 4G LTE.

    The biggest draw of 5G capable phones (at least initially) could be better reception.  Carriers will be spending a bundle building out towers and supporting the new frequencies.

    If there is a wireless plan that caps performance to 4G speeds, even though your running on a 5G network, that might be a great “value”.  

    Paying up for 5G speeds is probably a waste.  It will be interesting to see how carriers handle data caps, you could blow through 100GB of data at 5G speeds in a day...

    Bottom line, if you have a iPhone you’re happy with, waiting a year might make sense.  Especially, if reception isn’t the best in your area...
    Actually,  if you do research on 5G you will find that "better reception" is not necessarily true.  The reality is that 5G has trouble going through certain materials that 4G doesn't have.   5G may turn out to be the biggest marketing ploy perpetrated on the public in years.
  • Review: iPod touch is exactly what it needs to be in 2019

    lkrupp said:
    It needs more capacity.
    Use it as portable music / video / media storage or player. Just plug it into whatever playback device you have.

    512GB would be nice. 1TB would be ideal.
    Apple, never good enough, always lacking, always failing.
    Lkrupp,  maybe just maybe it's okay for somebody to look subjectively and objectively and have differences of opinion on what Apple should or should not do??   I am a huge fan of Apple and have used their phones since the original and go back to the G4 cube which would be super cool for them to update and release again.    For years before that I was anti-Apple until I realized how good their products generally are.  I support everything from windows to linux to Mac with my job.  I use Mac because I prefer it having used the others.  I am pretty technical with a lot of experience from the old "8 bit" days - like machine code stuff back in the day... hey I would even consider going out to California and working for them if they offered..  But now I will have a comment about this new iPod - it would be even better if they threw in an FM tuner. I don't think it has one and would probably have costed them pennies in mass production. If everything is always "rosy" with Apple, then where is the room for improvement ?