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  • Apple looking beyond the norm for AR with research on force feedback socks

    Can I hear it for haptic underwear!
  • Apple sues former employee for allegedly leaking to media

    I agree but payment in this case was the information in exchange for good coverage for his new business. “Pay for play”. That gets you fired in the news business.
    The correspondent and the publisher also are totally culpable in seeking, rewarding and distributing this clearly unethical breach.
  • Apple TV+ review: Russo brothers' 'Cherry' an unsuccessful exploration of war, love and dr...

    First movie review I’ve seen here, and I’m not impressed.  I think they’re best left to other places instead of watering down the feed.
    The oft repeated claim that the film is too long, becomes laughable as the review itself shuffles along for pages longer than required.
    I haven’t seen the movie, don’t plan to based on the description, but suspect people attracted to this subject matter won’t be as disappointed as the reviewer.
    One correction, offered in a positive spirit as a mistake in otherwise capable writing. Midway through, a paragraph ends with the following: “ And they're depicted them quite a lot.”.  Might want to fix that.
  • Former Facebook employees detail impact of Apple's upcoming anti-tracking privacy feature

    The scary and obscene thing about this technology isn’t it’s use in ads for small businesses. I’ve used Facebook ads, and they used to give us decent return before they got too expensive, literally doubling several times over the period we looked at them.
    it isn't even corporate sized advertising that’s an issue. As others have said, these insights are tenuous at best for tailored ads that are ubiquitous online, including this site.
    No. The obscene part is for political ads, social issue ads, foreign influence ads, ads mimicking native content, ads propagating lies, conspiracies and chaos through undermining facts and information that the internet could have been a solid reference for.
    The dispersal of blatantly false and chaotic uncertainty is a huge problem of this era, and these tools are most powerful and most disgusting when used fit these ends.
  • Apple releases macOS 11.2.2 to prevent certain USB-C hubs and docks from damaging some Mac...

    My son's 2019 13" MacBook pro, blew out it's USB-C ports completely while hot plugging some audio devices through a cheap USB-C multifunction hub (USB-3, SD cards, HDMI).  It still had battery life, but wouldn't accept a charge through them either.
    We took it to the apple store, which was able to confirm the issue, and it was repaired and FedEx express shipped 3 days later. 
    Apple Care. I think it was just over a year old.