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  • Apple Vision Pro $3,499 mixed-reality headset launches at WWDC after years of rumors

    I imagine the Vision Pro preceding a Vision Air and possibly a Vision SE somewhere down the line. These aren’t for consumers in the same way that the Mac Pro isn’t for consumers. Our version won’t take too long once this is out in the wild, because then the fine-tuning of the hardware and software can begin and margins can improve, making an affordable model more realistic. But make no mistake, Apple wants as many people to use these as possible, so the price won’t stay like that for very long. They have services to sell us, after all. 
  • Apple Vision Pro $3,499 mixed-reality headset launches at WWDC after years of rumors

    Xed said:
    Skeptical said:
    FFS!!!!!! It’s not magical. It’s scientific and engineering. 
    FFS!!!!!! That entire article talks about the science and engineering specs in the device.
    Yes, but the keynote used the word so many times I lost count. Maybe that’s what they meant. 
  • Apple Vision Pro $3,499 mixed-reality headset launches at WWDC after years of rumors

    gatorguy said:
    It does not seem like a very Apple-y product, but that's not unexpected either. It's a first gen, and according to reports was intended for developers anyway. Three years out they may have something. At the moment it seems like it was pushed out to the retail market before it's fully hatched, and I'm not sure why altho I could guess there's some other nearly-finished products from potential competitors coming before the year is out. 

    No doubt some regular users here will rush to buy a Vision Pro anyway; after all, it's from Apple. By the time it's fully developed in gen 3 I would expect it to be half to a third of the current price. That's when it may capture my interest.  Or not.
    Not fully hatched? 
    It seems like they put a lot of love and energy into addressing all the shortcomings other AR headset suffer from. So I’m just curious as to what you need to see for it to be considered “fully hatched ”?

  • Apple Vision Pro $3,499 mixed-reality headset launches at WWDC after years of rumors

    No surprise all the haters rushed to be the first to comment. 
    And all before the announcement was even over, lol. 
  • As you may expect, the internet already says that Apple's headset is doomed, apparently

    jdw said:
    ...anyone who gives their opinion on a product based on the design, features, or price of a product before those details are even known is an absolute moron.

    The internet has allowed morons to share their moronic thoughts with others.  The ones that listen turn into morons themselves.  This is the real pandemic — welcome to the internet:  home of the moron flu.
    Japhey said:
    <fist emoji>

    Perhaps the greatest disappointment of all in online forums is the incessant name-calling and the emojis which follow in support of the name-calling.  Basically, the uncaring remarks above are labeling nearly everyone here a "moron" for having commented.  That is not constructive.  It amounts to little more than an emotionally charged distraction.  

    It is a part of human nature to comment on pretty much everything. That is why this forum exists.

    It is easier to name-call than to write intelligently. So many choose the easy path.  But the better approach is to present a reasoned commentary based on what we know now (which admittedly is limited) and based on what we speculate.  There is no harm in that.  Indeed, it provokes positive thought.

    Why do I even care?  Because reading the comments under articles is often more pleasing than the articles themselves, at least until we get to the name-calling.

    Ditto my earlier comment.  I now look forward to seeing WWDC.
    There is a whole lot of grey in between the black and white reality you attempt to paint. Kierkegaarden raises a legitimate and reasonable point, even though the way they did it made you feel sad. 

    Bring on WWDC. I can’t wait to see how many people flip sides and pretend like they knew all along how great it would be. At the very least we will have an actual, real object to discuss…because all these people unilaterally calling a still nonexistent product a failure just because they don’t approve of (x) rumor are getting really tiresome. 
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