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  • Data about Apple's AR headset screens has been leaked

    melgross said:
    Greater than 5000 nits? That’s awfully bright. What we’re interested in is resolution, frames per second and latency. Unless AI isn’t giving, or first have all of his info, those are the specs that we all want to know.
    Couldn’t agree more. The iPhone Pro’s peak at 2000 nits, and that’s in direct sunlight while being held a few feet from your face. These goggles will seal off the outside light and be an inch away from the retina. Perhaps there was an error in somebody’s reporting because >5000 nits seems unnecessarily excessive. 
  • Apple's headset will need killer apps & services to be successful

    twolf2919 said:
    Come on, let's be real - what "killer app" can you imagine that would convince you to part with $3,000?   I can't even think of many use cases outside of gaming for a dorky *headset* - much less a "killer app".   Even if there was a killer VR game that was introduced alongside the headset - how long could one game possibly keep you engaged?  Long enough to make worthwhile investing $3,000?
    A headset has the same "chicken or egg" problem that AR applications face with the iPhone.  There are tons of use cases for AR - but developers are not creating apps for them because the only way to utilize the apps is by using your iPhone as your AR glasses.  Nobody will hold up their iPhone for any period of time just to see an augmented reality.  Same thing with this headset: even if it has AR capability, nobody will wear a headset in public!  So developers would be writing app for a market - customers with AR glasses - that won't exist for years.
    Just yesterday I wrote about the two types of detractors around here, the clueless people and the narcissistic people. And holy shit if you didn’t just prove my point with just your first sentence alone. 
  • iOS 17 rumored to turn an iPhone lock screen into a smart home display

    I’ve long wanted a new UI for the Apple TV that is almost exactly like the “horizontal mode” described here. Maybe add a “Continue Watching” widget and move the current homepage to a second page/tab. Then make the whole thing optional. The old UI is boring and stale, hopefully the Apple TV is one of the devices that get this. 
  • Apple's headset success depends on ecosystem integration

    I don’t understand how, after thousands of articles and rumors about these goggles, so many people are still completely clueless to the concept of an expensive developer model preceding the affordable consumer model. 

    No, Apple will not sell a great quantity of a brand new device that is 3x more than its competition. They don’t plan to. They aren’t trying to. They probably don’t even want to. That will all come later. 

    Then, there are the narcissists. Those who think these will fail just because they can’t find a use case for them, or because they can’t afford the first generation model that isn’t even intended for them, or because they are afraid of how they’ll look to others. 

    How about waiting until the things actually fucking exist before unilaterally dismissing them? 
  • Apple adds 'realityproOS' to list of potential VR headset trademarks

    Synapcis said:
    Why does this sight keep using a render of snorkelling goggles to show “a render of potiential Apple headset?” This was the first image ever posted about the upcoming headset, years ago and it is ridiculous. If apple releases a headset like this, fish everywhere will be using VR!
    I agree…this render is almost a meme by now. But it’s not just here. Every article or blog post out there are using the same 1-2 images. Search “Augmented Reality” in Apple News, select the Top Result and scroll down to see what I mean.