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  • When Apple's headset launches, it will do more than Oculus

    I would think that Apple is going to introduce this thing with Craig Federighi appearing with some oversized headset that he then peals off to reveal the slim profile of Apple’s offering.
    I’ll be so sad if this isn’t the case.
    Like an oculus quest? Then, instead of a mic drop…
  • When Apple's headset launches, it will do more than Oculus

    JP234 said:
    I asked ChatGPT:
    "Is there potential for AR/VR headsets to be misused by bad actors?"

    Its answer was:
    "Yes, there is a potential for AR/VR headsets to be misused by bad actors. As with any new technology, there are risks associated with its use, and AR/VR headsets are no exception.

    One potential misuse of AR/VR headsets is in the area of privacy. These devices have the potential to collect a significant amount of personal data, including images of individuals and their surroundings. Bad actors could potentially use this data for nefarious purposes, such as identity theft, stalking, or other forms of harassment.

    Another potential misuse of AR/VR headsets is in the area of cybercrime. These devices are connected to the internet, and bad actors could potentially use them to gain access to sensitive information, such as passwords or financial data.

    Additionally, there is a risk that bad actors could use AR/VR headsets to create and disseminate misleading or harmful content. For example, they could create deepfake videos that appear to be real but are actually completely fabricated.

    Overall, it is important for individuals and organizations to be aware of these risks and take steps to mitigate them, such as using strong passwords, limiting access to personal data, and being cautious about the content they view and share through AR/VR headsets.
    Literally every single thing human beings have ever invented has the potential to be misused by bad actors. Enough of your fear mongering. And I know it might be a bitter pill to swallow, but boomers will have absolutely no say in whether these devices ultimately succeed, no matter how loudly you keep repeating yourselves. 
  • iOS 17 rumored to get big updates to Wallet & Find My

    Wallet tabs, please. Or some other way to organize everything more logically than a big pile. 
  • Apple rumored to pick and choose which markets will get sideloading in iOS 17

    twolf2919 said:
    If side loading becomes a reality, I hope Apple insists on putting up a clear warning dialog whenever a user tries to side load an application.  The EU doesn't seem to give a sh1t about the safety/security of naive users who, until this becomes available, relied on Apple to keep them secure from malicious apps.  I can already see the Safari popups inviting users to download a cool free app from lord-knows-where.   A warning that they're about to install an application from a potentially dangerous source should be done for sure.  It would be even nicer if Apple required all apps - side loaded or not - to go through the Apple review process or at least be signed with a valid certificate so there's at least traceability.

    Yes, that would be nice. It might be wishful thinking, however, since it’s impossible to predict the chaos that will ensue once the genie is out of the bottle. The warning popups are a sure thing, though Apple may have to do much more than that to educate its users on potential pitfalls. 
  • Apple rumored to be working on an activity journaling app to assist with Health tracking

    I don’t give a shit if it IS Apple…there’s no way that an app which literally detects and records the people in my vicinity is going anywhere near my iPhone. Are you kidding me?

    I can’t wait to see how Apple sells this Orwellian trojan horse to people. And I really can’t wait to see how the kool-aid drinkers around here try to spin it. 

    “But, but… what about Apple & privacy?” Yes, it’s true that we give Apple more of our trust than most other companies. But it’s only a matter of time before governments around the world achieve their ultimate goal of unfettered backdoor access to everyone’s devices. Can we really trust that one of them won’t use this information nefariously?

    That last question was rhetorical.