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  • Kuo: Demand for new MacBook Pro models tepid due to high prices, disappointing specs

    The funny thing is all of those who commented about issues with the new MacBook pros have not try or tested the laptops yet and they spoke as if they are the authority, damn sad.

    As someone commented software optimization has a part that make the pros better than they look on paper.

    As for those who wish to jump ship go ahead.
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  • Google debuts Pixel 'Phone by Google,' with heavy emphasis on photography

    juanguapo said:
    iPhone* by Google

    *There, fixed that for ya.
    But this design is based off of the htc M series that was debuted in 2013 with the M7 the following year apple introduced the current iPhone (6) design to many people at the time saying they coppied htc. HtC in this case is continuing there own design language that apple narrowed 
    except instead of looking like an htc it looks just like an iphone. got it. 

    the M7:

    further the 6 is a refinement of the 5's design, and arguably the M7 is too:

    then after the 6 HTC followed it even more:

    ...basically the HTC models are copies every step of the way, including the M7. 
    Good investigative work. kudos.... 

  • Kuo: Apple Watch shipments to decline in 2016 despite new models, lower prices

    Take a look around and face reality.  Not many people care to buy or wear an Apple Watch, compared to the millions that use an iPhone.  The smart watch category is a niche market and the masses choose not to buy one.  That is just the way it is, and Kuo is pretty much on target with the Apple market.  The Apple Watch is lumped in with iPods and AppleTVs because it is nothing more than an accessory product.  So Apple never has to release the numbers because it is combined with other accessory sales.  Smart move on Apple's part for the financial statement.
    Just bought the series 2 and love it.
  • iPhone 7 owners say phones producing 'hissing' sound under heavy task loads

    dogolaca said:
    Don't load it that way.
    Hahahaha.  That's awesome!

    "You're tasking it wrong."
    Yawn, getting very stale...
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  • Motorola's swappable 'Moto Mods' turn smartphones into projectors, loudspeakers, high-end cameras

    why- said:
    I think this is something more manufacturers need to be doing. over time the smartphone has ceased to be a smartphone. if I remember correctly a study said less than 17% of activity on smartphones has been actually calling people. smartphones now are basically miniature tablets, micro computers that you can slip into your trousers pocket. there are so many more possibilities than what they currently are, and I think using modular pieces like this to take advantage of a smartphone's power is a great idea

    it's why people are so interested in microsoft's continuum. it takes a smartphone and turns it into a computer. imagine a world in which all you need is a smartphone. you can use it as a credit card, a computer, a camera, whatever you want as long as you've got the right accessories
    Even without any accessory the iPhone can accomplish 3 of your wishes and more - it is a computer, a camera and yes a credit card etc..