The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient



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    ericpeets said:

    Ah yes. I remember you now! Has the Cosmo come out? I'm assuming you haven't tried it out?

    Cosmol has not come out yet. Still planned for June 2019.

    But I think the same issues such as the Gemini will come up again - great HW, but weak SW. They do not invest too much on SW dev.
    The Planet Computers Android apps to take full advantage of keyboard / form factor are buggy and half baked at best with very few resources behind development even when some of those apps are based in strong open source apps - K9 mail for example - where the open source version works better that the adapted one.
    Linux support is dependent mostly on a single 3rd party enthusiast / developer, etc that keeps it running and fixing what breaks. When he ties of this Linux on Gemini will go the way of the Dodo.
    SW needs much more focus and work behind. I hope they invest behind that more but it does not seem it will be the case.
    I pulled my support for the Cosmo because of this.

    After that experience I got more patient with Waytools in terms of if they believe the firmware is not up to par for GR to the general masses.
    But I do no think that applies to the people still waiting for 4 years, or the ones engaged here, WTF, reddit.
    I think this group is ready to accept a non-ideal release. So that is why I ask them to release units to the pre-ordered customers with current firmware.
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    ericpeets said:
    Ah yes. I remember you now! Has the Cosmo come out? I'm assuming you haven't tried it out?

    I wrote a long response but seems it has disappeared.

    Short version: the Cosmo has not come out. Will come out in June as planned. But strongly suspect it will still be weak on the SW side despite awesome HW much like the Gemini. Planet Computers does not invest much on SW and it shows as the usability is greatly degraded. Pulled my support.
    You can check status here:
    You can check SW status here:

    After this experience I am much more understanding and patient with WT, in terms of the firmware readiness for GR for the masses. 
    But, I think the people that have ordered 4 years ago, and are still engaged here, reddit, WTF are far for the norm of the masses and would be willing to accept a non-ideal firmware, so that is why I encourage WT to ship to these people now with current firmware.
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    arkorott said:

    Edit 2: as this was my 3rd try at responding left a few things out. Had the Gemini, sold it at eBay because without proper SW that takes advantage of the awesome HW / keyboard was very frustrating. Pulled my support for the Cosmo as it seems to follow the same direction. 
    It seems like the keyboard is the main attraction on both of them. What was wrong with it? Keys don't register, too cramped? Or just didn't work?
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    gmadden said:
    ericpeets said:
    Interesting. Is the TB easy to disassemble, then, for self repairs and such? And also to put back together?
    Yes. Confidence probably comes with practice. I’d say the motion will accelerate wear so I wouldn’t recommend doing it just because you are bored.
    The important bit, I think, is making sure that the butterflies are lapped correctly. Easy to test but small and a little tricky to get first go.
    There is a video of the process on the wiki in the Troubleshooting section.

    edit: section specific link
    Just a little advanced warning for those looking at the page and scanning quickly for what looks like a video - you won't find the expected visual. Instead, you'll read text that says, "Video demonstrating..." and they have to click on that. One for removing and for putting it back together. Also, at least to me, I looks like the cap is just popped right of by pulling it up. When I went through this with Mark, he said to twist it (by holding down the keycap(s) along side the one you are removing, you can twist it off). I do, when assembling, just snap it down though.

    Like you said, it was a bit tricky the first time I did it (getting the butterflies right), but it's not a big deal now.

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    Third, you'll note the same 'BigKahuna' character there with a status of 'suspended' for behaving badly as an obnoxious member of the Waytools customer service assassination squad, just as he is behaving here.
    Yes and no. I was suspended, but what I was posting was accurate. It sort of like when I got banned on the TextBlade subreddit the first day after making two posts. The reason given was that I was off-topic. Well, it's true I was off topic for a subreddit that is supposedly about the TextBlade, but I was responding to posts that were attacking me and there were also posts from people pretending to be me. So, I was ON TOPIC as established by those posts. Those people were not suspended, even though they had been doing it more times that I had ever posted.

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    Juli was relentlessly accused of writing a puff piece for money.  She did no such thing.  She reported accurately what she observed about the exciting new capabilities of this technology.  The same capabilities accurately reported by William at AppleInsider, and the same excitement that he conveyed after extensively using the product for many months himself.
    It does not matter what you say. Anyone can visit the link above and simply read the thread themselves. Juli mentioned in the thread that WayTools communication with her was poor. If you cared about her opinions so much, why did you gaslight her and lie to her and fail to communicate with her, same as you do with everyone else? Its a habit you cannot break.

    People criticized her coverage of Waytools because they did not want to see a macrumors reporter getting publicly used and blatantly lied to and thus discredited as a journalist. People did not want to see you lying to her in the same way that you lie to all of your victims (customers). People did not believe then and they do not believe now that you deserve any puff piece paid placement articles or coverage because you are a liar and a scam artist and a toxic personality who has collected millions of dollars from thousands of customers and you have never shipped any of them any product.

    The Waytools_Support character repeatedly asks the same shameless question to the public - Why do they hate us so? It isnt normal! Why why why are we attacked?

    Could it be you Mark? Does it even dawn on you for a second that all your lies are the reason why so many of your relationships with so many people turn so sour?

    Do not give your money to this company. They are liars and cheats. They have lied to people continuously for 4+ years. Do not trust them.

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    arkorott said:
    Well, thank you. You at least noticed. I guess we can all get carried away in the middle of an argument, we just need to get back on track.
    I try very hard to notice these things. I even go back through very old posts sometimes. But I sometimes I forget who said the things I remember!

    For example, when we get a new Treg member, I tend to look at old posts - some of them made VERY strong attacks on WT to the point I was a bit surprised they were selected. This is why sometimes I tell critics who claim they only pick people who support them that they are simply wrong.

    Another example may be you - not sure though Like I said, sometimes I forget names. Are you the one who said their WTF name was "dan..." (can't remember the exact name)? Someone here who said they were banned had that name and I looked back at the old posts. At the time of the banning, I couldn't find anything noteworthy. But about a year early, they did make a pretty nasty statement. Now, I've seen just about as bad from some testers so even then I may wonder how they got to be a tester while this other person got banned. And then there is the year long gap. I've seen WT go back and lock threads that are that old, in batches, as if they periodically review old threads but don't on a regular basis. So I suppose someone may have come across it later and sort of acted retroactively, without considering your later posts. I wouldn't agree with that since, no matter how bad something is, if it is just one post when angry, no big deal. It is also possible - and has happened before - that really bad stuff was said in private messages and that's what actually did it. I don't know if anyone actually got banned for that reason, but I know people have posted claims which, based on public posts, may seem reasonable and then we find out the private posts were quite different.

    Anyway, isolated, exaggerated rants can be ignored, imo. Or just responded to and then move on. Which is why I say I disagree with some of the bans, but others I'm just fine with because they sure weren't isolated and, like another critic here, the attacks go against everyone who doesn't agree with their assumptions.

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    arkorott said:
    Hey colinng, ok not taking it personally, just using me as an example:

    1 - I do think people are concerned of reprisal. Many have stated it here and at WTF they are concerned. How many times have you read "please don't cancel my order" by very many different posters at WTF ? That alone speaks volumes that they do fear.

    2 - I cannot speak for everybody that got banned as I do not have the time to investigate, but pls check wouldlovetobuy at WTF (me). You will see that the thread of "next updates posts" for example I started it. Check my last few posts that lead to banning and come up with your own conclusions if it was fair or not.
    I was accused of being a shill for Planet Computers - which I am not. I placed my TB order WAY before Planet Computers existed.
    The experience I mentioned here with Planet Computers of disappointment in their SW that lead to more patience with WT (which I could not follow-up on WTF because of the ban), I even shared directly with WT by email after I explained too my original intent. 
    Result: I am still unjustly banned.

    3 - I do feel mistreated and silenced, but as I said in other posts I am trying to let go of that and get into more practical TB related stuff. (I would post at WTF if I could BTW)

    4 - That is why I encourage WTF to start anew and eliminate bans and enforced refunding. Only when things get into personal attacks, snide comments ban people. Only as a last resort not as "normal practice".

    Edit: typos and clarified meaning 

    I do think WT assumes too much about possible competitors trying to sabotage them. Oh, I'm not saying it doesn't happen. It may well be the case. The problem is that when looking at any individual poster, I think the explanation that they are just really angry, to the point of being out of control, is also quite possible. So, imo, best to not make that claim about individuals even if you really think they are doing that.

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    Hey Liar,

    < Lies, Lies, BS and spin about the Macrumors article and author Juli Clover >

    Isn’t that the surest way to prove one’s journalistic integrity?  Wouldn’t that summarily refute anyone who accuses a reporter of puffery?

    Yet, they did not report that.  Because there was no deception.  There were definitely delays to perfect this new technology, and both reporters reported on them.  Just as there were delays with Apple’s AirPower, and both publications reported on those too.  
    That's not how journalism works, at least not in America. Maybe that's how it works from whatever banana republic you come from. Do you think Woodward and Bernstein would stop covering Nixon if someone in the audience complained? No. They would have only stopped if deep throat turned out to be a liar.

    She makes it clear that she didn't know all the underhanded goings-on at your company nor when you'll deliver (as you had repeatedly told her). That would hurt anyone's credibility. That's why did they not only end coverage, they cut ties with you all together. Your reckless postings here shows you don't give two bits about integrity, but apparently it mattered to MacRumors -- and that's why they completely cut ties with you.

    You even worried for the "author's safety" -- yet you said not a peep or flag the messages. On the other hand, you were okay with Kahuna plastering their comments on a daily, almost hourly basis even when the moderator warned him several times, until he was banned.

    You thought you could manipulate the MacRumors coverage with lying. It turned into a fiasco, because you lied. Now you want to spin it to your advantage with even more lies. When will you ever stop lying? If you simply don't know what went on over there, why don't you just ask Kahuna? At least he was there.

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    The parallels to now, on this thread, are striking.  The repetitive, maniacal crusade we see here now by a supposed consumer, who spends full time labor camping on the topic.  This is way out of proportion for a 99 dollar accessory, that he proclaims is a non-product, and won’t ship.  

    It begs the question of who would do this, and why?  Who would put so much cumulative resource toward telling people not to order something.  
    Why does a cop walk the street looking for bad guys? Why does a prosecutor spend his life trying to convict criminals? Because when some people see others committing wrongs, they want to do their part, however small, to right it.

    Warning people to avoid a scam company that has held my money and the money of thousands of others for 4+ years without showing anything for it is the very least I can do. When you get publicity that is even 1% positive, it is my duty to caution the readers that you are a blatant gaslighting liar.

    It is illustrative of the mindset of the WayTools_Support Mark Knighton character that he cannot conceive of any reason why one person would look out for another person. His mind can only conjure up paranoia and conspiracy. It must be an attack on him. Why why why would people do such a thing when he has only lied to people for 4+ years and taken their money? Oh whoa is Mark why why why would people treat him so?

    There is a thing called ethics. You have no familiarity with it. You probably never will. The narcissistic sociopathic mind is not enamored with ethics and morality.
    Phil Schiller did not deceive customers or reporters when he gave an estimate of 2018 shipping for AirPower.  He told the truth of what he knew at that time, based on what his team believed was achievable. But new challenges arose, beyond what Apple could foresee, and after 2 years of trying, they canceled it.

    In contrast, after one year of extra work, WayTools did not cancel.  Instead, we began shipping TextBlade, in limited quantities to paying customers.  We worked through whatever they found or needed, and validated it across hundreds of diverse operating environments.
    A perfect illustration of your gaslighting and insanity. You are not Phil Schiller. You are not Apple. You have collected millions of dollars from customers and never shipped a product in 4 years. Phil did not do that. Apple did not do that. YOU did that. I know you do not see the difference here, but thankfully, 99.999% of readers here will see that difference and appreciate the illustration of it. You are a mental case. Stop comparing yourself to people and companies and things which you are not. Just focus on trying to stop lying to people. Then maybe finish your product. And in the meantime, return all the money to all of your customers from the last 4+ years.

    Everybody remember - it is all about The Money The Money The Money. You will never see the WayTools_Support character or the Kahuna Colin characters address The Money The Money The Money in their pockets. They want to keep it all.
    What matters is that the product be good.  Really good.  What matters is that we remain steadfast.  What matters is that we deliver something to all who trusted us, that compellingly affirms that it was indeed worth all that it took to create.
    Few people have ever knocked the product itself, or the idea of it. Only the company behind the product, the man behind the company, and the execution of delivering that product to people has been criticized. Why? Because you took the money. You have all the money. Who has the money? Mark Knighton has the money. Who paid the money? Thousands of customers paid Mark their money. What did they receive in 4+ years for all that money? Nothing. Who still has the money? Mark Knighton has the money. Who wants to keep all the money? Mark Knighton wants to keep the money.

    What is so sad for you is that even if you do ever finish the keyboard, you are going to have to try to sell a product to people who do not trust you and will never trust you because your reputation has been permanently blackened by your stupid lies.

    If you had any sense at all, you would refund everyone, shut your mouth, and finish developing your product, then relaunch it and deliver it. You have no good sense. You have no common sense. You are a dang fool, plain as day. You do not care how permanently ruined your reputation is, and that is typically, in my experience, the mindset of a scam artist or a criminal.

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    Truly moral and ethical people care deeply about their reputations. You can tell when you have met such people. They are careful with their words. They listen. They are reasonable. They oblige other reasonable people. If they disagree, they are principled about it, and seek common ground. They really truly care what other people think about them. Their reputation as a good person, an honest person, a pragmatic person, a reasonable person - is very important to them.

    These kinds of people are actually not hard to find. Good people are not rare, despite media cliches to the contrary. You just have to know where to look for them.

    Mark Knighton is not one of these people. Mark Knighton has The Money.

    4+ years. No product. He still has all the money. Mark Knighton said _______ and it was a blatant falsehood. You can fill in the blank with almost anything Mark Knighton was promised his customers, and it was false. 

    A question to all you customers who paid 4+ years ago, did you receive a product or service in exchange for the money you gave Mark Knighton? 

    Who has your money? Mark Knighton of WayTools has your money.

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    We’ll let Juli’s words, and ours, speak for themselves.

    Paraphrasing the words of others, with revisions to change their meaning - that’s simply another part of the technique.
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    Dbk - part of what shapes our observations is also the non-public communications from these folks.  

    Your sense of their motivations might be different too, when integrating those impressions into the overall picture.

    In any case, we don’t expect any change in behavior from the pattern.  We just try to understand it, and deal with it.

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    Earlier you paraphrased the words of others, and revised their meaning. Now you inform us that is gaslighting ('the technique').

    Earlier in this thread you wrote that you had not previously researched the word or the concept, and yet now, with your Wikipedia degree in hand, you discover yourself to be an expert on the subject.

    You are so twisted Mark. I laugh out loud at the way you project your insanity on to others and shamelessly broadcast it to the public. You are a disaster.

    Who has all the customers money? Mark has the money.

    Who has not shipped a product to thousands of customers after collecting millions of dollars 4+ years ago? Mark Knighton of Waytools.

    Gaslight that buddy.

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    Despite the wild assertions, FYI, Mr. Knighton is, and continues to be, an investor - not a profit participant.

    Profits will come after general release.  That mechanism keeps customers and management objectives in sync and well-aligned.
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    Regarding how we noticed this stuff initially - actually it was from customers that emailed us about the antics of these pseudonyms.  

    There was a lot going on concurrently on other venues that brought the pattern into focus.  
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    Despite the wild assertions, FYI, Mr. Knighton is, and continues to be, an investor - not a profit participant.

    Profits will come after general release.  That mechanism keeps customers and management objectives in sync and well-aligned.
    Collecting millions of dollars from people and then never providing them any product or service in exchange for their currency is quite profitable, is it not?

    Was this a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project? No.
    Was this product advertised from the outset as being a pre-order with a lengthy delay? No.
    Did WayTools invite people to invest in the company acting as individual investors? No.
    Who paid WayTools millions of dollars? Thousands of individual customers.
    Did WayTools claim the product was ready to ship worldwide in 2015? Yes.
    Did WayTools subsequently set a variety of certain timeframes for release of the product? Yes, dozens and dozens of times.
    Did WayTools ever meet any deadline it broadcast to its customers? No.
    Which customers have received a finished product after 4+ years? None of them.
    How many years have passed since WayTools first collected money for a product never shipped? 4+ years
    Who has the money? WayTools has the money.
    Who owns and operates WayTools? Mark "The Investor Not Profit Participant" Knighton
    Who has the money? Mark Knighton has the money.

    #WayTools #TextBlade #keyboard #iOS #macOS #Android #Mark #Knighton #scam #delay #vaporware #lies #lying #liars #gaslighting

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    Rolanbek said:


    in your opinion

    Waytools_support is a pseudonym. 

    All join in now: Correlation does not equal causation. 

    A rather sizable number of accusations against WT are also opinion. I've pointed out that problem from them AND by WT. You only have applied this to one side.

    WayTools_support is a pseudonym, but not quite like the others because regardless of which particular person from WT is posting, you still know it is coming from WT. Which makes it less anonymous that the others. However, as in the case of the "opinion" issue, I've pointed out the problem with this being an important matter.

    Much of the criticism falls under correlation/causation too.

    I wouldn't bother Colin we both know it's a waste of time.

    Well, that would be up to the people he unblocked. At my recommendation, btw.

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    arkorott said:
    Short version: the Cosmo has not come out. Will come out in June as planned. But strongly suspect it will still be weak on the SW side despite awesome HW much like the Gemini. Planet Computers does not invest much on SW and it shows as the usability is greatly degraded.

    After this experience I am much more understanding and patient with WT, in terms of the firmware readiness for GR for the masses. 
    But, I think the people that have ordered 4 years ago, and are still engaged here, reddit, WTF are far for the norm of the masses and would be willing to accept a non-ideal firmware, so that is why I encourage WT to ship to these people now with current firmware.
    I only did a quick look at some Cosmo references, it doesn't strike me as being as complicated as the TB. Oh, I know it is also a mini computer and camera, besides the keyboard. But it still looks like just using existing tech generally. Thus no need to figure out all the tricky stuff involved in an even smaller keyboard that take a whole new approach and can have issues no one would even think about because no one ever did it before.

    So I'm glad you are more understanding and patient with the WT situation, but I suspect it is even more complicated than you think it is. Which is understandable. We have people in Treg who do hardware and software and they didn't really get it until they got to use it.

    This is an area I wish I could explain better. I've certainly tried, but I can certainly tell that those who haven't experienced it usually aren't going to no matter how many times it's explained.

    I have seen some people say they should just do all separate keys instead of just 8 plus space. I wondered about that for years myself. And then, recently, WT mentioned they had looked into that and found that, on a small keyboard like this, hitting the edge of a separate key really ruined the typing feel. As soon as they said it, combined with my experience with it, I completely agreed. It was just so obvious once pointed out. Now, of course, some may say you still have separate keys, just fewer of them, so the problem still exists. Well, not really. because the separate keys each are assigned to one finger for touch typing. With experience, you'll find missing from side to side (crossing keycaps) is a very rare thing. It is the vertical directions that cause the problem I'm talking about, plus the horizontal for those fingers which have the same finger move side to side (index and pinky fingers).

    I can also understand the desire to ship whatever to early customers. But I can also see serious problems with doing that.
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    People criticized her coverage of Waytools because they did not want to see a macrumors reporter getting publicly used and blatantly lied to and thus discredited as a journalist. 
    Actually, they attacked her as well.
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