Apple releases iPhone Software v2.1



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    Originally Posted by mssteuer View Post

    I'm happy for everyone for which this update made their device snappier, but my iPhone 3G is responding in the opposite way. I just updated, and everything is extremely slow now. Every app I open (and with app I mean, e-mail, contacts, SMS) takes 3 seconds or more before the display fully populates and becomes responsive. Going up/down folders in e-mail takes a couple seconds for each step. Opening an e-mail takes seconds... what's going on?!?!?!?!

    Restore your phone, delete your backup within iTunes prefs, and update to 2.1 raw. You may need to go that far. My average sync time is now 12 seconds (I didn't restore, but I did do some major work about 2 weeks ago to clean out my iPhone, by deleting all my third party apps).
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    I just crashed the btw by trying to delete 97 messages at once.\
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    Originally Posted by Amorya View Post

    1) Not everyone does have an email capable phone.

    Not everyone has an MMS capable phone. Now if you were going to start over, which function would you include first:

    a) a phone-only, picture-only system that lets your carrier charge you outrageous fees?

    b) somethat that connects for free to every source of information in the world and works on computers, consoles and other systems too?

    Originally Posted by Amorya View Post

    2) What if I don't know someone's email address but do know their phone number?

    Tie phone numbers to e-mail accounts. That is, allow me to send an e-mail to a "phone number". This is essentially how MMS works.

    Originally Posted by Amorya View Post

    3) It's free as part of your SMS allowance on most networks.

    None in Canada that I am aware of.

    Originally Posted by Amorya View Post

    4) It's embarrassing when someone says "Can you MMS that to me" and you have to explain that your iPhone can't do that.

    As opposed to "Can you see this web page" and your phone can't do that?

    Which do you want to do more often? I don't know about you, but I've used MMS about five times in the last five years, three of which failed. I've sent hundreds of pictures from my iPhone. Why? Because they go directly in e-mail, FaceBook, Flicker, etc. This is where I keep all of my pictures in the first place.

    Originally Posted by Amorya View Post

    5) Email is not immediate.


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    Can anyone confirm if it breaks netshare app?
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    Originally Posted by john.gunter View Post

    I'd like to say that I'm a long time listener, first time caller ;-)

    iPhone's Contacts application loads and performs so much quicker than before the v2.1 software update that I felt compelled to register and share the good news!

    Not for me it don't - same crappy 2 sec wait, feel like flinging it at the wall...
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    I used to get poor signals from ATT before the upgrade. Ever since I upgraded to 2.1, now I get no service. Is this happening to anyone else?
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    > I'm still really new to the Mac word (Mac Pro back in late May)

    I did "teh switch" just after the Pros came out, so going on 2 years next month. Never going back.

    > so, do any of you know if this is a "reasonable rumor" and might still happen in the "near" future

    No. The iPods are done, at least until Macworld.

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    Contacts still incurs a significant delay before being responsive to touch. This would be far more acceptable if a visual cue was provided when the app is responsive. I feel so stupid and frustrated when I swipe the screen and nothing happens.

    "Wait, wait, don't tell me!"
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    How do I set the SMS sound to chime multiple times like the new features say?
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    Originally Posted by armaster73 View Post

    I used to get poor signals from ATT before the upgrade. Ever since I upgraded to 2.1, now I get no service. Is this happening to anyone else?

    Since the update my EDGE is fine, but when I switch to 3G I got NO SERVICE. I did a restart and all is fine.
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    Can anyone confirm if it breaks netshare app?

    It's still there after the update and it still works. Remember to use Safari on the iPhone first before running the NetShare app.
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    The User Agent states the exact same WebKit build as all the 2.x releases so far. This gives the iPhone a 74/100 on the Acid3 test. For comparison, Safari 3.x scores 75/100 and the latest FF3 gets 71/100.

    Opera mobile has been a mobile browser since 2000 and has a great engine but it only gets 2/100 which is shows just how ideal WebKit is for the mobile platform. Beta builds of Opera's Presto engine are scoring 71/100.

    However, it does not completely pass the Acid2 test on the initial load, giving the same result as Safari 3.x when you refresh the page after the initial test. This was a minor bug that has been since been fixed and will not be in Safari 4.x, and I assume won't be the next mobile Safari build as they seem to be using a similar WebKit build date for both platforms.
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    Originally Posted by sylvaticus View Post

    I hope it's OK to ask this question:

    Ask away - it can't hurt.


    Some had suggested that we might see a 64GB iPod and 32GB iPhone announced, but that clearly didn't happen.

    Yes and I'm fairly shocked it didn't happen. One thing to realize is that the new Touch apparently has only one flash site. The largest flash device admitted to by Micron is 16GB. So I'm not sure how they managed to get to 32 GB in the Touch. Either they are using a different vendor, a device not publically announced or are using stacked chips. Either way they could have updated IPhone but didn't so I'm assuming supplies are constrained.

    So in a nut shell iPhone could go to 32 GB anytime. The possibilities are after Thanksgiving (for Christmas shoppers) or at the next MacWorld/janurary announcements. The tech appears to be available so it is now a question of volume.


    I'm still really new to the Mac word (Mac Pro back in late May), so, do any of you know if this is a "reasonable rumor" and might still happen in the "near" future, or if it seems unlikely, that if it happens, it will likely be a year or so away

    I doubt very much that an iPhone capacity update is a year away. One needs to find out what the chip is that is going into the 32GB Touch and find out if it is production constrained. Once the issue of availabilty is resolved all sorts of updates become possible.


    Going Mac caught me by surprise, and I bought a new phone in March. So, I'm going to take a huge hit because of the subsidy thing. I'm willing to pay the money today to get a 16GB if the 32GB model is unlikely, but I would die if I bought one after work today and then in October or December (or January?), one was released.

    You need to reconsider your value system. Is there anything on the new 3G models you really need? Second are you certain you would take a bath because there may be an upgrade option available.

    In any event if you are concerned about updates all the way to janurary I wouldn't buy anything now. I would question though wether or not 16 or 32GB wil make that much difference to you.


    Since I'm going to pay that penalty, I'm OK waiting a little longer if there's any chance, but I hate not synching my phone to my new computer. I've seen a couple utilities (Missing Sync) but they don't appear to sync mail, and I'd prefer going all Mac (I'm now saving for the new Macbook Pros coming out! WOO HOO!!).

    The above makes no sense. The new iPhone don't sync any differently than the old!


    I'd love it if some of you who are more used to Apple's product cycles and such could offer any advice on this.

    Sincerest thanks,


    Seriously Kieth buy the hardware when you need it! In this case please indicate why you would want a 3G iPhone. Besides 3G which really makes for a good net experience. Are you out of flash space or have other issues?

    The reason I ask is that being on the upgrade treadmill can be very expensive if not managed well.

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    I love the new software. Just to be safe, I just restored from scratch and redid everything. Well, it was worth it. No more delays on anything. The genius playlist not only works, but really does a great job. The annoying text message lag is gone, and that was my worst annoyance. Backups are about 10 to 20 times faster (not kidding), and installing apps is about 5 to 10 times faster. Opening and closing applications is generally sped up.

    In general, I enjoy using my iPhone again!

    Of course, things can always be faster. Let's hope Apple keeps improving the system responsiveness and cleaning out bugs. I don't need any new features right now.
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    Originally Posted by Maury Markowitz View Post

    Not everyone has an MMS capable phone. Now if you were going to start over, which function would you include first:

    While MMS is a dirty hack, it is a dirty hack that is widely supported and simple to use. There isn't yet a suitable replacement.

    Email or IM is superior from a technical design standpoint. But for actual usage, MMS is more desirable in the here and now. Apple's refusal to implement it may be good in the long run if they succeed in replacing it with something superior. But as of yet, we're stuck without the ability to exchange pictures with the vast majority of people.

    Sure, email and IM on a phone is great... but that doesn't make it possible for me to actually send or receive pictures from friends today. For that, MMS is required.
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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    Since the update my EDGE is fine, but when I switch to 3G I got NO SERVICE. I did a restart and all is fine.

    Man, I just must be a lucky guy.

    I started the update, then went about my business. I came back to the iPhone about 20 minutes later and the update and sync were complete. I had a "floating" message on the iPhone that said "iPhone is activated" (or words to that effect) with an acknowledgement button. I clicked the

    button and all is well.

    No runs, no drips, no errors. And immediate 3G access.
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    I updated to 2.1 early this morning. Everything seems a bit faster.

    Oddly I can now make calls when the phone says "no service" and was unable to make a call when the phone had 3 bars. I think that 2.1 makes the number of bars shown or not shown meaningless.
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    The 2.1 firmware now supports a triple click to skip to the previous track when playing music.

    This makes me sooooooo happy!

    How Gay am I?
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    Maybe I'm just weird but does anyone else really miss the old 3G/EDGE icons?
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