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  • Iphone 2.2 firmware is available in itunes 8.0.2 Downloading it now
  • I totally agree with your post. The only thing is god knows when it will become free. I have a current Mobile Me account and find it extremely useful
  • Safari 3.1.2 (5525.20.1) came with the 10.5.5 combo Updater and should have updated an older version of safari. Does your safari reside in the HD/Applications folder? One thing to try is download and run the 10.5.5 combo updater as it fixes m…
  • It sounds very much like you Internal HD has some bad issues with bad sectors or probably in the process of dying which can cause strange issues as I have seen a few times in the past. I agree the external drive will give a clear idea if it works…
  • If it is the lastest flash player plugin it screws permission quite badly. I suggest repairing the permissions first as it stopped the crashes for me thus far.
  • Try the following Grab Onyx 1.9.9 (utility app) run clean all temp files as Limewire puts a few around. do a deep cache clean, uodate launch services database Restart Repair the permission just to be sure. Lets know what happens
  • The write speed of the apple superdrives is mostly max at 8x but some media only allows slower speeds. I have found itunes to burn fairly slowly at times regardless of which media I have been using. Great to hear it works albeit slow but it co…
  • That is whats known as a Kernal Panic and is generally causesd by bad ram or other hardware problems. It could also be a system related issue with something corrupted within the system.
    in Virus? Comment by rob05au October 2008
  • It sounds more like the Sony CD-rs are the problem. If the laser was shot it wouldn't even burn dvd's try a different brand of cd-rs as some media can be rejected by the apple superdrives they tend to be picky with some media. If possible grab s…
  • Thanks for the Tip on how you fixed it this maybe what is happening to me which is similar to your original problems.
  • ARD as of today is now at 3.2.2 and works much better under leopard finally
  • iTunes uses the speed of what the internal drive is capable of burning at some of the drives firmware apple has out causes slow burn speeds quite a bit. In itunes try setting the brun speed to the max possible and see if it makes any difference. …
  • You need to have at least 10-20% extra free space above what is to be backed up as it uses this free space for temp files during the backup process. The post above may well help I am nit 100% sure as I haven't tried for a while but it did work we…
  • I suggest to try the following to see if anything changes Grab Firefox 3.0.1 which hasn't crashed for me as yet where 3.0 did a lot. Try doing a permissions repair as flash player screws with net related permissions during install quite badly …
  • A couple of quick questions which will help get the ball rolling to find a fix. What version of Firefox? What if an extensions have you added (aka. add-ons)? Do you have any system haxies installed? eg. SMBIL plugins or alike What syst…
  • adobe needs to also put out updates that make the CS 3 suites finally leopard compatible as they are really far from being totally compatible and apple can only do so much.
  • Which version of itunes are you running and which windows version? It maybe something has corrupted with itunes. Also did Quicktime get installed at the same time as itunes which it should under windows?
  • The chances are the update has been installed correctly and the message you see is quite normal if an update has already been applied. I suggest the following which may help Repair Permissions Check HD for errors using disk utility (If any a…
  • Are you trying to install the standalone (manually downloaded) or the software update version?
  • I suggest you change the security on the airport connection to WPA2 which is way more secure than WEP I checked mine and it from memory has nevershowed a padlock beside the name in the airport menu bar menu Also a good idea would be to use a p…