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  • Apple Music announces Lossless Audio, Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos

    The Apple HomePod not having the option of using wired connections ends that….. just an Old Dude…..:)
  • Retired leaker claims iMac with bigger screen is on the way

    A larger screen needs to happen with a design that is somewhat easy to fix (access) ram and graphics.

    Let’s move on Apple as soon as possible.
  • Intel to consumers: 'Go PC!' - Intel to Apple: 'Good God do we need your business!'

    CuJoYYC said:
    lmasanti said:
    —three month to bankruptcy—.
    This is a myth. Apple's cash and cash equivalents in the mid 90s would last 7 years assuming their quarterly losses matched the worst quarterly loss of that period. I know. I built an all Mac business based upon this forgotten fact. It wasn't pretty but it wasn't on the brink of bankruptcy either.
    Not according to Gruber and every other Apple historian/writer I've read. It was dire. Certainly not 7 years of savings at the end.

    Bullshit, unlike today Apple had no debt at the time, and money in the bank, that was the one thing the previous CEO’s before Jobs got right..
  • Billie Eilish discusses making her documentary for Apple TV+

    Beats said:
    Funny how the same artist who got spammed with “Who??” comments here is pushing Apple TV+ to new subscriber counts.

    Enough to make a actual (Apple level) profit?, content is very low margin unless you’re Tesla.....
  • State of Apple Silicon - half of the most popular Mac apps still need Rosetta

    rcomeau said:
    Keep in mind that not every developer got an M1 the day they came out. We have been developing on the Mac for over 20 years (I recall getting the developer Intel iMac) and we just got our first M1 mini last week. We ordered extra RAM and that was a "special" order.

    You have more than your own code to worry about. All of your dependencies have to be migrated and then you have a lot of testing to do. Since Intel chips are still here, there is no fire and most of us have more to do than spend 100% of our development resources porting stuff... Most of us will get there when we need to.
    Quark took a lazy approach at the last transition and it cost them the desktop publishing market, if you are a small to medium sized developer you can’t afford to be behind, Affinity can’t get lazy because Adobe is this time around, what Adobe has released so far are feature poor placeholders.

    On a side note imagine Apple’s Aperture running on the M series CPU’s...... Or Freehand..... oh well.......