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  • The new MacBook Pro: Why did Apple backtrack on everything?

    seanj said:
    Sticking old versions of HDMI and SD reader utterly pointless. You’ll be able to get Thunderbolt 4 to HDMI/SD adapters that will offer higher performance than these built in ones, for those that one these.
    Myself, like the vast majority of people will never user these ports. 
    Why would I need an SD card reader? Like most People I take photos on my phone.
    As for HDMI, sorry I don’t use anything with copyright restrictions. I’d use DP, except one the ports I could have used has been sacrificed for the HDMI/SD combo.
    Stupid move, done to please the commentariate rather than real world users.
     :'(   :'(
  • Lawsuit targets Apple's iOS App Store 'monopoly'

    Apple's motive for its anticompetitive conduct was simple: Apple did not want its iOS Device-related revenue stream to end when a consumer bought an iOS Device, like it generally does when consumers purchase iMac and MacBook computers," the complaint reads. "So Apple concocted and maintained a plan to continue generating additional revenues over the entire useful life of every iOS Device it sold by cornering the distribution market for iOS applications and charging consumers an extra 30% for every app.
    I wonder if these people remember that before the iPhone, Apple charged $129 for Mac OS X upgrades, the Developer Program had multiple tiers that started at $500/year (there was a free option, but  it didn't include access to the OS betas), and there certainly weren't a whole lot of great apps for less than $20-30.

    Now, the developer program is only $99, all software upgrades are free, and apps are considerably less expensive, not more.

    They want Apple to spend billions developing and maintaining the ecosystem without which they wouldn't even have a business, and not recoup any of it.

    Time to go back to paying the true cost, giving something away for free devalues it. When Apple cut the cost of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers to zero they didn’t gain anything other than shooting themselves and killing many small to mid-sized developers. In the short term Apple gained a little but in the long you lose….

    Apple reorganized the PowerBook Pro hardware, they need to reorganize the Appstore to get rid of the freeloader developer mentally the true cost needs to be up front like hardware they sell. 
  • Leaked Apple Silicon roadmap hints at new Mac Pro, MacBook Air

    While I agree that the main focus of discussion on Apple products should be on their capabilities and aesthetics, it absolutely matters where they are made. A ton of money gets poured into manufacturing. If that money is feeding an evil regime, that’s a problem. Like it or not, there are those in this world who can’t wait to strip your rights from you and force their will on you. In America, we’ve been largely protected by that because we identify such things and fight them. Now, Americas leadership and resolve is weakening snd it’s not going unnoticed.  It’s simply a responsible thing to do to be concerned about where our money goes. Like it or not, if products we buy are made in a country that is anti freedom or that oppresses/threatens other countries, then your money is feeding the economic power of that country. China recently tested a hypersonic middle that can travel the entire globe and is very close to being deadly accurate. It takes a lot of R&D to build that and in such secrecy. And that money isn’t coming from nowhere. 
    You are 40 years and two wars too late for your concern, America will be number 2 by 2025 and almost certainly by 2030, and it is us, America who has done it to ourselves.  

    That Thorium reactor that the Chinese are currently testing is but another nail.

    ‘’Apple is right on time with those CPU’s” 13 years on time.
  • Leaked Apple Silicon roadmap hints at new Mac Pro, MacBook Air

    Kuyangkoh said:
    Will Apple make those high end Mac in US? Or made in usa simply just a PR a while back!!!
    I think if Apple did make a machine in a free and democratic country I would be more inclined to buy it because I support human rights and companies that make products in free countries. Indeed, when I buy things like cutlery in stores I look at where it's made and pay more for products not made in dictatorships.

    I think someone needs to create a "Seal of Approval" for products that are made in free countries. I would call it the "Freedom Seal." Maybe the logo would look like a seal swimming in the ocean. How many products does Apple make that might qualify for this seal?

    Walmart doesn’t play that made in America crap anymore why do you supposed that is Sherlock?
  • Apple Silicon iMac Pro coming early 2022, says leaker

    MacPro said:
    danox said:
    A bit disappointing if true. Early 2022 would be a good time to release a consumer 30" iMac with the new design and a M1 Pro/Max chip with similar performance specs to the MacBook Pro. Fall 2022 is when we should see a genuine iMac Pro with a M2 (something) chip. The iMac Pro is supposed to be for professionals. It should have a desktop processor not a laptop chip. It should also cost a lot more than the consumer iMac.
    30” and above and no notch…..
    If Apple add extra screen real estate over and above the main screen area and move the menu bar into it what difference does it make if that has a camera in the middle?

    See this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qh1ElqW5dEY   Must see the notch is a cluster F.

    And it won’t go away……it will fester like that crappy keyboard on the earlier laptop too much money is being spend for it to go quietly into the night.