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  • Amazon is watching and reviewing Cloud Cam security footage

    I'm surprised the EU doesn't start fining these companies as this is surely a violation of GDPR? Personal data should only be used for the purposes that were stated up front. I assume video of someone in their home is considered personal data and training AI is not the intent most people have for their security cameras. If anything, a user should be alerted that this specific 30 second clip is considered a false alarm and a request made to use it for training. People need to be given full control of their data. 
  • Microsoft takes on AirPods with $249 Surface Earbuds

    MacPro said:
    Apple, the tech world's R&D department.
    More like the tech world's marketing department. Wireless buds existed before Apple "invented" them but no one was buying them.
  • Editorial: Amidst cries for a cheaper HomePod, Amazon now has a higher-end Echo

    I guess it depends on the size of the place where you live, what you do/listen to in each room, and how you like to move about your house. I don't always carry my phone with me, I don't like to wear a watch at home so I'm happy to have the option to buy smaller, cheaper speakers for rooms where I don't listen to music and better, larger speakers for rooms where I do. Amazon now gives you that choice.
  • Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box will coordinate your lights with the television

    Is the decimal point in the wrong place? $300?!?! That is insane
  • Foxconn used five times more temp workers than permitted for 'iPhone 11' assembly surge

    The motivation for the law is one of a societal goal, but it doesn’t seem to account for something like an annual spike in the need for labor by a company.  Therefore strict enforcement of such a law introduces inefficiencies.  

    Further, how does it harm any of the permanent employees or the 10% representing temporary workers to add one more temporary worker after you’ve reached the 10% threshold?  I’d doesn’t make sense.  If it’s harmful to have some quantity of temporary workers over some arbitrary limit, why isn’t it harmful to have even that initial 10%, why isn’t the very first temporary worker hire causing harm?  
    I won't pretend to know anything about Chinese labour laws but perhaps the limits on temporary workers is because they have fewer rights than permanent workers? There is a risk that companies permanently employ temporary workers and don't provide them with the same stability, benefits etc. Similar but not the same as the fight that Uber has about contractors vs employees.