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  • Video: Apple HomePod vs. Sonos One

    rynoyes said:
    To be fair you should compare it to two sonos speakers because that’s how many you get for the price of one HomePod.  
    From the video and article: "HomePod undoubtedly tops a single Sonos One, but when you can get two Sonos ones for the price of a single HomePod, the combo is definitely worth it. When Sonos One gets updated to support Google Assistant and Airplay 2, it'll be the best choice for flexibility and functionality."
  • Nikkei pushing iPhone X production cuts as reason Samsung is looking for OLED screen custo...

    jony0 said:

    But … where else could a drop in demand possibly come from ?

    Could it be that in the just finished year …

    • the overall industry drooped 9 percent
    • during quarter four, [Strategy Analytics] characterizes the precipitous decline as the "biggest annual fall in smartphone history."

    Apple tops worldwide smartphone vendor list in Q4 amid industry contraction, report says

    Or could it be that Samsung doesn't have or is not expecting great pre-orders or future sales for its upcoming new release ?
    Nah, gotta be because of Apple and the obvious iPhone X failure.
    There, that was easy. Hey our analysis is now done and we can start our weekend, yippee.
    Yes blame Apple. The perfect marketing strategy for Samsung. Have a 3rd party blame Apple, that way Samsung can say it wasn't them that spread the rumor. The damage is done, and Samsung spins their lies on how the next phone is better than Apple's. 

    So Samsung isn't faulted for poor forecasting, it's Apple's fault. I'm sure they didn't have a minimum run agreement so that they could avoid excess inventory...... riiight. 

    Ps. Samsung displays on the X suck. 
    They scratch more easily then non-oled iPhones and from the looks of things, they fail more often.   Maybe Apple is looking elsewhere?
    The service data we have for the iPhone X doesn't suggest a larger-than average screen failure rate at the same time in the lifespan as previous models. In fact, it's a bit lower than any of the last three models -- but not outside the realm of statistical variance.
  • Sonos One feet leaving same white marks on wood furniture that the HomePod can

    jbdragon said:
    This is just silly. I'd be pissed with white rings on my tables from a speaker. So now I have to think about what kind of table I place my speaker on? Now pointing out that the SONOS 1 does it also. This is bring back Steve Jobs coming out and showing how holding other phones just right blocks the antenna also as the iPhone 4. Do wee really need to go back to that kind of thing?

    The simple fact is, Apple didn't have to use Silicon. If that was rubber on the bottom, it wouldn't matter what table you placed it on, it would be fine. There would be no markings. This is really just another design flaw. Tell it as it is. These excuses are weak. Now we have #ringgate!!

    This is a issue that didn't have to exist. To me, it's more poor testing from Apple. I don't know if it's just so afraid of leaks that outside testing is really locked down?!?! Doing everything in the LAB is not REAL WORLD. This looks like it's going to be another Class Action on Apple. It just didn't have to be this way. Stop with the lame excuses on this.
    Silicone is a more permanent material for dampening than rubber is, is more durable, and deals with getting moved and temperature extremes better.

    Source: was sound isolation assistant on a U.S. Navy submarine.
  • HomePod's silicone bottom is causing rings on some finished wood surfaces [u]

    foggyhill said:

    Oiled wood? Like wood with no other scellant than oil? That's not a surface I have a lot around here. All my woods have a varnish, laquer or paint on them.
    Obviously, something in oil (or whatever other product in that) leaching something out of silicon.

    From a chemistry standpoint, the fact that the ring fades at least some with time doesn't suggest a leaching, but probably an oxidation/reduction-type reaction.

    We're still looking into it. 
  • Consumer Reports' dismissal of HomePod a familiar tale to Apple fans [u]

    gatorguy said:
    At about 10PM ET last night, Consumer Reports responded to my e-mail. But, it wasn't with answers to the three questions I asked, including why their account of the MacBook Pro engagement ended differs with Apple's, and how the thought process evolved about how they decided to talk about the HomePod in comparison to its competitors after a less than a full day -- but instead with an invitation to talk to a few members of the Consumer Reports team.

    We will take them up on the offer.
    It's certainly encouraging that they would reach out to start the process of communicating more directly, IMHO an unexpected turn of events.  It can only help in clearing up perceived confusion, better understanding of methodologies and the reasoning behind them, and a chance for you to suggest changes and why. Kudos to both you and CR, and big thanks for keeping us all advised. 

    It would be better if the discussions were face-to-face if possible as email and texts aren't a very efficient way of getting answers to all the questions that might arise.  Is that out-of-the-question?
    In person is possible - how probable it is, is unclear. CR has offices in DC and NYC, locations that we have staff. There are a lot of factors that have to be considered, not the least of which are logistics. They have a staff of about 2000. We have a staff of 10.