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  • Video: Nvidia support was abandoned in macOS Mojave, and here's why

    Nvidia's statement is that Apple controls who can/is making drivers for Mojave.  Is that really the case?  I'm pretty sure any hardware developer can develop drivers for the Mac, get them signed with a developer certificate, and then package them up into an installer if Apple doesn't want to include them in the operating system.  Has something changed with Mojave that isn't being explained here or in the first article?
    Drivers close to the iron, like video cards, now need to be explicitly signed by Apple. It isn't the same process as an app, or a printer driver. This was talked about in the first piece about the matter, linked in the editor's note section.
  • Discontinued iPhone SE reappears for sale in Apple's online clearance section for $249

    mike54 said:
    Will this get the iOS 13 update?
    Given that the fifth generation iPad from 2017 had the same A9 processor and the same amount of RAM, I'd say probably yes.
  • Video: Nvidia support was abandoned in macOS Mojave, and here's why

    Eric_WVGG said:
    I could have sworn there was all some point in the mid-late 2000's where nVidia did a very reckless leak of an unreleased Apple laptop featuring a new nVidia chip, but googling "apple leak [anything]" reveals too much stuff to dig through… anyway if my memory is correct, that's just about the dumbest move an Apple components supplier could make and certainly explains a lot.
    More of the history is covered in the first article about it, linked in the paragraph under the first image in this piece.
  • SEC charges former Apple exec Gene Levoff with insider trading [u]

    MplsP said:
    Yeah... kind of awkward to have a cheat in charge of rule compliance. 

    Glad Apple did the right thing by giving him the boot.
    Yup, put on leave during the internal investigation, and fired. The story has been updated with a statement we've been given.
  • Mac desktop shootout -- $3500 iMac 5K versus $1700 Mac mini

    entropys said:
    The extortion of the price of RAM and SSD upgrades because Apple has designed these machines to make it too difficult for the average punter to do is depressing.
    Well the higher quality of the ssd than pretty much any other on the market might have a factor in that cost, and as was stated in the review was they specifically upgraded from base 8GB ram as these models are designed to be upgradable. Does that not mean Apple isn't overcharging as you say? No, but it is not that big a deal since you can upgrade the ram and I think the ssd on the Mac mini. If they offered them at better base prices (lowered the Mac mini $200 or started with 16gb ram, on the iMac pro started 512 GB SSD) it would pretty much solve the issue.
    The SSD on the 2018 Mac mini is not user-replaceable.