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  • Cellebrite says it can pull data from any iOS device ever made

    aplnub said:
    Anyone know how Apple goes about figuring out the exploit in a case like this?
    As I understand it they attack the secure element through the USB port.  One assumes Apple has not found the exploit.  It is possible, likely even, that it is in hardware such that by sending signals across the USB wires that violate the USB protocol the hackers are able to induce a hardware malfunction that can then be further exploited to gain access.  

    This assumption is backed up by the change in iOS 12.3 that physically powers off the USB port after the phone has been locked for a time (30 minutes?)

    When dealing with hardware “off” is not always quite as absolute as one might wish, but I believe this puts an enormous crimp in their attack vectors. 

    The most interesting part of this story is that we get to see first hand the cat and mouse game that is just another day at the office for state sponsored  cyber warfare.  
    Given that the company is now claiming that they can penetrate iOS 12.3, there may be a new avenue of attack.
  • Best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop for iOS and Mac

    davgreg said:
    Pixelmator has both MacOS and iOS versions and is excellent.
    I was wondering why Pixelmator was not mentioned.

    It was, but there was something messed up with the post. Fixed this morning.
  • Editorial: New Mac Pro highlights the gap Apple isn't filling

    jdw said:
    A long-winded defense of the status quo intended to make Mac-loving readers feel ashamed for wanting more.

    How awful!
    Read the article for comprehension next time. That is 100% not the point.

    FTA: "If there's any other characteristic that identifies a demanding Mac user, too, it's how they have no single identifying characteristic. This is a market that is wildly fragmented and you know where this is going -- mid-range users need a modular Mac that they can customize to their work."
  • First 40-gigabit USB4 products shipping as soon as late 2020

    lkrupp said:
    USB 4 will almost certainly be an optical standard . Otherwise the cable lengths will be limited to about 6”. Copper just can’t go that fast no matter what the encoding scheme is. Copper has resistance, light doesn’t. And someone tell me why an iPhone would need a 40 gigabit connections, hmmmm.
    Copper goes that fast in six-foot Thunderbolt 3 now. Did you mean six feet, and not six inches?
  • Everything new with HomePod in iOS 13

    All I need is Spotify support (not Airplay through phone) and Siri being able to play whatever Spotify song I request. 
    It looks like the ball is going to be in Spotify's court on that.