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  • US official calls Cook's idea to vote on iPhone 'preposterous'

    Sorry but the “good book” so to speak doesn’t say they need any of this crap:

     The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of ...” enter amendment specific  text.

    It just says Citizens.  So yes I should be able to vote online through a phone with verifiable information that I am a citizen.  So my SSN and my driver’s license number should be enough.  

    Almost all the BS this crony is spewing would be resolved in a few hours with the right app team.  It is just more government overreach and desire to squash the masses.  (Full disclosure, I am a guberment employee🤪)

    In my state we have voted exclusively by mail for years and years and years.  The only verification is my signature on the envelope.  It works here and it should work in all states.  

    Voting is a constitutional right and the concept is entrained in our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.  Our founding fathers created a system to prevent the republic from going through another government change by empowering us the right to vote for those who oversee us.  That right, like other rights spelled out in the constitution, shall not be infringed.

    So, New MacBooks say what?
  • Retired leaker claims iMac with bigger screen is on the way

    I hope they offer a 32” or 40” model.  If not I am going to go to the Mini with that size of display. I use my Mac for things that real estate is needed (desired) and as a movie watching device.  So 27” is the minimum and is small in comparison.  My work setup is one 32” and one 40” 4K displays and it is perfect.

    I agree that having a user accessible port for ram and a hard drive would be perfect.  Maybe you have the AS unified memory and the user can offload the over burden to the user added ram instead of to the SSD?  Then the user added ssd can be a M.2 with a socketed lightning slot, so I could use it for my data files or process files so I don’t have to use up my integrated SSD so fast.  Right now I am doing the same with an external lightning 3 drive and while it works, I would love to keep the all in one aspect.
  • Epic ratchets up UK antitrust pressure on Apple with new App Store complaint

    Epic games is not really helping their case by filing so many complaints and lawsuits.  It is coming across as they are no longer the victims and are the aggressor.  Sure Apple could reduce fees, sure Apple could allow third party payments or stores, but are the consumers actually asking for that?  It is not the consumer watchdogs entities that are “protecting us” but rather clearly a greedy person whom has a vendetta against one of the platforms that helped make Fortnight so popular.  

    As a person that came from Android a phone ago, I like Apples walled garden.  We saw several apps that asked us to go to a “site” to download their APK as they were no longer on the Play Store.  As my phone has become my bank, my main communication device, my web access tool,  and my camera, I have little interest in getting a virus or an app that has ill intent. I even find myself less willing to download from company sites on my Mac, where 10 years ago it was different.  We like the security and that extra review.

    So I say let’s start a new campaign  “Fuk Fortnight, and the Epic douche”
  • Colors fading from some aluminum iPhone enclosures

    They are just holding it wrong 😂🤣
  • MacBook Pro with SD card slot, no Touch Bar coming in 2021

    Last seen in 2016's MacBook Pro models, this slot will allow photographers to take SD cards straight from their cameras and load onto the Mac.

    Wow I just learned my 2016 MBP has an SD card slot.  Must be next to my invisible USB-A and MagSafe port...