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  • Apple will reap the rewards of the cancelled Apple Car project for decades

    Honestly believe this is the best article about the end of the car project and what it means for Apple. 

    Imagine, beyond just AI software, we see an Apple processor that competes with Nvida’s H100.  That ten billion spent over the past ten years would come back in less than one.  
  • Gene Munster: Apple should buy Rivian after cancelling Apple Car

    Flyer007b said:
    I think Fisker makes more sense as a candidate for Apple. And might be cheaper as well. Apple hardly ever buys fully matured companies. Fisker has a lot to win by it as their software is still weak (missing CarPlay for example ;-) 
    Have to disagree with that.  Fisker has been getting some awful reviews of its car and its name recognition is close to nil.  I work right by one of their showrooms and there is almost no one inside most times.  Walk around the block to Tesla and it's always busy.  Walk down the corner and Rivian also has people always looking, same with Lucid a couple blocks away.

    Now I don't think Apple needs a car at all.  But Rivian has a built in base now of pick up owners, they have the contract with Amazon for their electric delivery vans which is a nice, built sales flow.   Rivian is also announcing a new vehicle this weekend.

    But beyond a car, Apple is right to make a huge push into AI (how about building a processor to challenge the Nvidia H100?) and they should also be looking into quantum computing.  
  • Unsurprisingly, Apple Vision Pro lenses will scratch if you try to destroy them

    JotWee said:
    Unfortunately, idiots are indestructible.
    Sadly, this is so very true.   When we do demos or pick ups, we instruct customers on how to hold the device and never, ever pick it up by the band or worse, the light seal. 

  • Now the US government is demanding users not wear Apple Vision Pro while driving

    People are just so dumb that a warning like this is even needed.
  • Apple 'renaissance' inbound after Vision Pro launch success

    News from a store...

    If you want to see a pile of people with sore throats and who are very tired, but also very proud... go to an Apple Store and find everyone in a blue shirt that spent the weekend doing AVP demos or just answering questions about it to a constant flow of customers.   

    No, stores were not busy like an iPhone launch, this was different.  But there was a ton of traffic, just more measured and not as frantic.  Like those of us in those blue shirts, the customers- those buying, those taking the demo, and those just curious to see this new thing- were amazing and smiling throughout it all.  

    This is more than just a new product, it's a new everything.