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  • Apple Vision Pro resale prices on eBay are ridiculous

    This is absolutely ridiculous.

    Anyone who buys this on eBay because they can't wait a month or so is just stupid- and not just spending needless thousands more for an already expensive item.  You also need to have the right size light seal and straps for it to work correctly on your head. 

    The straps come in the typical small, medium, large, etc,  but the seals seem to have a quite of number of variations.  (I'll find out next week.)

  • iPhone 16 won't be compelling, says analyst with no compelling data

    red oak said:
    This “analyst” had a target price of $116 three years ago.   He is always wrong.  Has been for many years.  Amazing how someone like this still has his job 
    Simple, he comes out with a warning like this, the stock price falls. (Right now, it's around 186.88, down $5.65).  His clients, etc. buy up a boat load later on today.  The price will still be down from yesterday, but their buying gets it to recover a bit.  

    Within a couple weeks, this is all forgotten.  Then VisionPro comes out in a month or so and regardless of how expensive it is, and how limited an audience it appeals to, and how expensive it is, is does sell and creates crowds of people at Apple stores waiting to try it, and the stock goes back up.    The same people who buy on today's fall, sell their holdings and make a few dollars per share on the short term trade. 

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  • Despite what you may have heard, don't write off the iMac just yet

    Turning the Mac Studio Display into a 27" iMac can't take all that much work.

    The display is the same at the 27" iMac that went away a couple years ago.  It already has speakers, power supply, camera (with center stage), fans, and USB-C/Thunderbolt ports.   All it needs is the logic board from a MacBook Pro. a headphone jack, add a couple more Thunderbolt ports, and, poof!, it's an iMac. 

  • M3 MacBook Air update due in March, M3 Mac Pro in late 2024

    I find it hard to believe that Apple will not introduce an M3 Max and M3 Ultra Mac Studio and Mac Pro in the first quarter of 2024.  If they wait until June and WWDC, the M3 Max will already be a seven month old processor and the M4 would be just five to six months away.

    If they wait to late 2024, then the next Mac Studio and Mac Pro will almost certainly be in the M4 processor family.   

    I think the calendar for the start of the year will look more like this:
    Mid-January:  M3 Max and Ultra in the Studio and Pro  (Surprising everyone.). Also, USB-C keyboards, mice, and trackpad.   Updated displays would be nice too.

    Late February:  VisionPro  (look for a Super Bowl commercial on February's been 40 years since the original Macintosh was announced that way...great way to celebrate that milestone.)

    Early to mid: March:  New iPad line up, and M3 MacBook Airs

  • 'Napoleon' is a hit with the box office, but not so much with critics

    As a retired history teacher, inaccuracies in movies often drive me nuts.  When a big film came out, I would go through a list of what it got wrong with my students.  (Braveheart, for instance was one of the worst for accuracy.).  Even good films like Hidden Figures play all sorts of games with the timelines and inventing characters that didn't exist.  Steven Spielberg did that in Schindler's List- combining two or three real people into one fictitious character. The reasons for this is usually just time. Without playing games like that, movies would be two or three times as long.  

    Of course, it can get ridiculous.  I haven't yet seen Napoleon, so I can't comment on that film just yet.  The real problem is people will see a film about some historical event and not look up anything about the real version of things.  I can't watch For All Mankind because it's truly alternate view of history (of course it doesn't pretend to be factual at all) in some people's eyes will thing that's what happened.... UGH!