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  • China government iPhone ban will have almost no effect on sales, says analyst

    Another item left out of the story:

    Even if this alleged ban in China costs Apple a few hundred thousand phone sales, how many of them will be made up in the newest big market: India?   This is the first launch where Apple has a real presence in that country:  web, stores (okay, just two of them..for now), and production.

    My bet- in a few years, India will be buying more iPhones than China regardless of what the Chinese government says or does.
    Bart Ytmay
  • New 'Ted Lasso' shortbread cookies let fans experience biscuits with the boss

    maltz said:
    You had me at 'Ted Lasso' shortbread cookies...

    Then lost me at $30+shipping (and taxes?) for a box of 10!  Holy crap.

    (But looking over the rest of the site, it does seem to be about par for the course - if not on the cheaper side.)

    I was seriously prepared to immediately order some to put out at in my work break room...where let's say everyone has a bit of a vested interest in Ted Lasso.... but not at that price. 
  • YouTuber converts Apple Watch to run mechanically

    I think this was incredible.   Of course, the amount of work it took is insane, but his talent to accomplish such a task are off the charts.  

    The final product looks like a cross between an Apple Watch and a classic Rado watch with just two hands on a blank black dial.
  • Apple expected to invest in Arm ahead of possible September IPO

    lorca2770 said:

    Please, correct me.
    I have been following Apple since 1984 (Mac 128 😊)

    Was it not S Job who at some point, during the tough times, sold ARM (since it was Apple’s company)? I think I understood it was Apple Reduced Memory. It was one of those developments that were undermined by Microsoft with the permanent: “stop the presses we are coming with something better”. So many Apple developments were drowned by, at the time, all powerful MS.
    Please advise.

    I can't find anything online about Steve Jobs/Apple having owned ARM in the past.  ARM stands for Advanced RISC Machine.  
  • Apple guts internal communication tool, crippling union organization

    Loop was never intended as a tool for airing grievances, but an idea hub to make ideas into a reality. I understand that employees get frustrated if Apple appears to not be listening to their grievances, but loop wasn’t made for that and it’s possible that Apple got tired of hearing just complaints and not ideas. 
    This comment is spot on correct.  Loop isn't just a bulletin board for complaining, it is an ideas board- it asks you to explain how to implement your idea, how will help the company, customers, etc. 

    People want to organize a union?  Fine...setting up an online message board really doesn't take too much work:  A private, invite only Facebook group is an easy one.