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  • Apple's 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard expected to shift to scissor mechanism

    blastdoor said:
    Scissor beats paper, clearly, but how about a rock-based design? Surely nothing beats rock! 
    Err, paper wraps rock.
  • macOS Catalina beta hints Apple is building Catalyst versions of Messages and Shortcuts

    shompa said:
    When I heard about Catalyst I joked that Apple would port messages from iOS to macOS since the macOS version does not work. 

    Since macOS 10.14 + messages in the cloud. If you sync on macOS = messages on macOS stops to work. "internal error". This is a server side issue that Apple knows about and they are so incompetent that they have not managed to fix this in 10 months. 

    People like me pay for iCloud space, and syncing messages on the cloud does not work. Tim simply laughs and take our money and does not care to fix the problem. This is incompetence in the level of Ballmer run MSFT.  Apple is the new Microsoft. From working OS/Hardware to everlasting updates = impossible for a stable os. 

    So Tims genius plan to get messages working on macOS is to port the iOS version. 
    How hard is it? Especially when cloud is involved?  Any Mac user with multiple computers/iOS devices have issues with messages. Some messages are not delivered to all computers (usually SMS kind since iOS decides what devices can get SMS). The same user gets many threads / different threads on different computers. Messages are delivered not in sync. Different profile pictures on different computers (and macOS gets this from the Address book. THAT IS SYNCED IN ICLOUD). 
    Not sure what you're going on and on about. Several apple devices (laptop, iPad, iphone, watch, 2nd laptop) and never had those issues...
  • Apple's latest 'Shot on iPhone' promo sells iPhone XS as pro photo tool

    davgreg said:
    He likened his work to street photography which is never supposed to be posed.
    That's an old wives tale. Tons of iconic street photographs were posed. E.g.: ;

    And you can always do "street photography" inspired photography that is posed -- you just follow some of the conventions of the genre.

    Art is not about strict rules.
  • Twitter for Mac returns this fall with macOS Catalina, built with Project Catalyst

    eightzero said:
    The comment about this in the keynote was revealing as well. Twitter clearly killed the mac app because they didn't want to pay a separate team of devs to maintain it. All about the Benjamins, right? And no, I don't mean coders named Ben.
    It's a for profit company. Why wouldn't it be all about the Benjamins?
  • iWork app updates coming with improved Apple Pencil support and new iOS features

    melgross said:
    It’s just too bad that Apple doesn’t follow through when it has the chance of upsetting things. Years ago, they could have made iWork a major pro package, but they didn’t bother with it, lagging on feature upgrades
    Thanks god! The last thing we'd need is another bloated MS Word / a-like...