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  • North Dakota Senate debates breaking Apple's App Store monopoly

    You want viruses and malware? Because this is how you get viruses and malware.

    The Apple App Store is basically a shopping mall. They provide a nice, safe environment for people to shop in, and because they have strict rules on what kinds of apps they host, they do all the heavy lifting with regard to compatibility, safety and security for your devices. Just a like a shopping mall will provide a safe, pleasant environment for you to do your shopping. Shop keepers know what they're getting into when they open a shop in the mall, just as customers can have reasonable expectations of a certain kind of service from the stores where they shop in the mall. In exchange, the mall charges the shops to rent space for their stores.
    By contrast, you start downloading whatever you want off of someone's website, you have no assurances that they're not gonna surreptitiously install some malware or spyware, or there might just be some bug that will brick your device. Sure, you get more "freedom", and the vendor doesn't have to pay a "rental fee" to Apple to host their wares, but at the same time, you are exposed to much greater risk.

    I'm happy with my walled garden/shopping mall experience.
  • Mark Zuckerberg says 'competitive interests' drive Apple's push for privacy

    I'm fairly certain Zuckerberg would fail the Turing Test.
  • Mark Zuckerberg says 'competitive interests' drive Apple's push for privacy

    Wow. Zuckerberg is astonishingly tone-deaf when it comes to discussions of privacy. You know how you can tell when a company is really serious about their customers' privacy? When the freakin' government complains—not in the courts*, but in the media—that the mean ol' company won't give them backdoor access to spy on their customers.

    * Yes, the FBI has tried to compel Apple to build in backdoor tech into their devices, but so far the courts have ruled in favour of Apple, if I recall correctly.
    Basically a company can't be forced to build tech for the government.

    I can't wait for anti-trust rulings force Facebook to let go of WhatsApp and Instagram. I mean, I hope this happens.

    Finally, I hate that Apple is always lumped in with Google and Facebook when Big Tech is brought up in discussions/debates about anti-trust and monopoly power. Apple is definitely a major player in consumer tech, but it is by no means a monopoly in any sense of the word. Apple rules its own ecosystem, but nothing more. Google, on the other hand, own the search engine space and have tremendous power over services. Facebook owns social media. Both Google and Facebook use their power to exploit consumers; in fact, in Google and Facebook's business models, the consumer is the product. Apple, on the other hand, uses its power to protect its customers.
  • Kuo: Redesigned MacBook Pro models with MagSafe, no Touch Bar, more ports coming in Q3

    I will miss the Touch Bar if this is true.
  • Foldable iPhone may use geared hinges to fold inwards or outwards

    I really like the foldable tablets as they appear in Westworld, but in reality, the more moving parts you have, the more chances for breakage. People are dumb enough as it is (e.g. all the cracked phone screens out in the wild). Don't give them another way to break their device.