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  • Apple's 'Carpool Karaoke' spinoff set for Aug. 8 debut on Apple Music

    I guess the most polite thing to say --- Good luck with that Apple!

  • Google Maps gets location sharing for Apple's iPhone & iPad

    iOS can do this in Messages now--- Open an 'existing' conversation --- upper right in the 'i' , tap to open --- says 'send my location'. Say yes and it sends a message with a map of your location.
  • Apple's online store will close Tuesday morning, fueling rumors of new products


    The iPhone SE should be updated from a 6s equivalent to a 7 equivalent. A10 processor, new 12 mp camera, Touch ID 2, and 3D Touch.
    Or just make a smaller phone size with all the latest goodies... and 'gods of thin design forbid' make it thicker to do so.
  • Rumor: Apple Pencil 2 coming this spring with magnets to attach to iPad, plus pocket clip

    2) No, it's easier to invert an entire device, re-situate it in my hand, use a specific function that will either be too limited as non-changable function or redundant if it is SW controllable, and then invert it agin and re-situate one more time to continue what I was doing instead  of tapping an icon with the tip of the stylus or a digit on my free hand.
    I get your point, however... this invert to erase thing (which some people do in meetings to see how fast they can do it -- )  has been drilled into a lot of people's head since they where 2 years old. Might be ok for you new digital dogs, but us old dogs, its a new trick type thing. Ditto QWERTY keyboard, head phone jack etc.(am I showing my ancient-ness?)
  • Ford, Toyota herald new members on board with Apple CarPlay-opposing industry group

    For me, IMO, someone who has worked in aerospace and with pilot human factors in flight deck design.. one of the first lessons was touch - feel for important systems. This does two things - pilot can feel which system button/knob they are touching; that allows the pilot to keep their eyes out the window for situational awareness!   Gosh, I miss buttons and knobs in these new cars. Ford interface to radio etc is atrocious.... and that's their latest 'improved' one. The best I have seen (because the have easy buttons and knobs)  are Chrysler and VW... but VW just went touch also... sigh!

    Side track comment--- imo- one of the big problems with today computer OS's is cannot find the features or commands, they are buried in menu or force touch or something.... when I started in aerospace CAD design, we had a standalone control box with labeled button commands and a touch screen pencil (sound familiar). A user could fly(pun) in work productivity, it was similar to FCP keyboard short cuts but in an easy to use console .

    Cars / keyboards--- they need more visible buttons!!!