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  • Apple's iPhone install base features growing 'powder keg' ripe for upgrades, Cowen says

    jonl said:
    "Powder-keg" and "super-cycle" concerning replacement potential is a prayer for a sharp share price rise so their clients can sell to suckers who fall for their hype.
    Yep.  I have Apple shares now, I'll hold onto them, but I doubt I'd add more to my position until this year's Q4 numbers (Apple's fiscal Q1 2017) come out.  Unless this fall's product line is stellar.  I have a feeling it won't be anything to write home about.
  • Apple discontinues Thunderbolt Display, no replacement announced

    john.b said:
    Apple has long since stopped giving a f*ck about Mac hardware. And not just the TB Display, the minis are left to languish for years and now the Mac Pros have achieved the same status.  I'd rather see a company with the massive resources of Apple shutter the entire Mac lineup than to see them just mail it in year after year. 

    Has Apple forgotten that it is a hardware company?  I don't see a replacement coming anytime soon.  If so, they could have spent 2 minutes mentioning offhand "hey we will have a new monitor coming in the fall" like they did with the Mac Pro some years ago after it was redesigned. And as Apple has been focusing on style a lot lately, you think they'd recognize that some customers really prefer a monitor that matches their machine.

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  • Inside iOS 10: Control Center expands to three panes, offering quick access to Music & Home

    supadav03 said:
    Can't believe they removed the calculator from the control center! Steve Jobs never would have done this! 

    Only if you uninstall the native Calculator app.
  • This year's 'iPhone 7' will lack major design changes as Apple awaits improved technology - report

    macxpress said:
    I'd rather they got it right rather than force it out (like Samsung will do based off these rumors) just so they can say we had it first. I know investors won't be happy but what the hell are you gonna do? There's only so much you can do and I'd rather they get it right the first time than force a product out and have massive shipping delays which are never good. 

    I'll call it today...I guarantee Samsung will release something like this before Apple does based off the rumors that keep explaining what Apple wants to do with the next gen iPhone. They're probably already scrambling to get this out the door now and will go to no end to get it out before Apple does, even if it means building a cheap POS that just looks pretty. 

    I thought Scamsung already had OLED and edge-to-edge?  Maybe not, I don't pay them much attention.

    As an Apple investor, this is a disappointment.  With the loss of carrier phone subsidies, it was going to be a challenge just to maintain the 2-year upgrade cycle status quo, to say nothing about trying to get users to upgrade annually.  Apple needed to deliver an impressive model at least every 2 years, or enough to substantially differentiate from one's 2-year old previous model.  Now with this news of a 3-year cycle, many people will hold off unless there are some extremely compelling features under the hood of the 2016 model that we don't yet know about.   Being thinner (will I have to yet again buy a new case?) and having no headphone jack don't incentivize me to go for the 2016 model, but rather the opposite: to wait for the 2017 major refresh.  We could therefore see iPhone sales continue to fall through 3Q of 2017 (or worse, see defections to Android).  Wall Street was hoping the sales slump would end in 3Q 2016, but I don't see that happening if this news holds to be true.  I sincerely hope I'm wrong.

  • Indian government turns down Apple request to import used iPhones for sale, report says

    sog35 said:
    Cook needs to build some phones in India. 

    That would be a smart move and give Apple more leverage against China.

    But the Chinese could then say, "You move any iPhone manufacturing out of China into India, you can kiss iTunes Movies, etc. in China goodbye".  The problem is with India's protectionism.  Rather than get their population growth under control like China did with its "one child per family" policy, India thinks it can get the rest of the world to solve all of its current and future unemployment issues (just like Trump plans to force Apple to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.).  Maybe the U.S. should slap some tariffs on India's "remote IT services and support" sector.  That might get them to realize they can't play one-sided (all take, no give) in the world economy.