Apple makes October 14th MacBook event official

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Apple will hold a special event next Tuesday to introduce new Mac notebooks at its Cupertino-based campus after all.

The event

Invites sent to members of the media Thursday included an image of an aluminum Mac notebook with the tagline: "The spotlight turns to notebooks."

The event is set to take place at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, October 14th at the Apple Town Hall on the company's Cupertino, Calif.-based campus.

Apple has used the Town Hall venue in recent years as a more intimate setting for its Mac-related product announcements that are timed for release outside larger forums such as the January Macworld Expo and spring Worldwide Developers Conference.

Last July, the company used the Town Hall to introduce aluminum iMacs and showcase new versions of iWork and iLife. In February of 2006, a similar event was held to take the wraps off the now defunct iPod Hi-Fi and Core Duo Mac mini.

This year, the Mac maker is expected to showcase new families of matching, aluminum-clad MacBooks and MacBook Pros that may be priced more aggressively than its existing models.

An invited sent to members of the media | Credit Ars Technica

Potential pricing

A report published Thursday by the Inquisitr claims that some Apple retail stores have been provided with pricing sheets for new MacBook and MacBook Pro models, with prices ranging from $800 to $3100.

The author cited a source who says that the shops "usually" receive these pricing lists 10 days before products hit the market -- a claim that is not necessarily true. Should the price points prove accurate, however, they would imply that Apple is prepared to slash the price of its entry-level MacBook by more than 27 percent.

The current MacBook line is priced between $1099 and $1499, while the MacBook Pro family ranges in cost from $1999 to $2799.

The notebooks

On Thursday, people familiar with the upcoming notebooks confirmed to AppleInsider that an image (below) joins one from July (also below) in serving as an authentic capture of a portion of the next-generation 15-inch MacBook Pro.

An authentic photo of Apple's next-gen MacBook Pro top panel and left-side port makeup.

Another authentic photo showing the MacBook Pros base panel and top shell .

A new family of 13-inch MacBooks are expected to adopt a very similar design. AppleInsider has been following the story on Apple's next-generation notebook plans since April, outlining its expectations in a series of reports, each of which are listed below.

New photos which may reveal part of Apple's next-gen 13-inch MacBook design.

Previous reports on next-gen MacBooks

MacBook, MacBook Pro to get new aluminum designs (April)

Next-gen MacBook Pro casing design revealed, new battery cover (July)

New notebooks will include something other than Intel's Montevina chipset (July)

New MacBooks to follow iPods by several weeks; iMac bumps by mid-November (August)

New MacBooks tracking for mid-October timeframe (September)

First test batches of new MacBooks ship out of China (September)

Next-gen MacBook, MacBook Pro spotted in matching outfits (September)

New photo may reveal more of Apple's next-gen MacBook Pro (October)

Sources: latest MacBook Pro photo is the real deal (Today)


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    Finally all will be revealed!
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    praise apple!!!! macbooks are finally gonna be out!!!
  • Reply 3 of 160
    dimmokdimmok Posts: 359member
    YES!!! Im so excited I can burst.
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    YEAH!!!! It's almost time to order!!!!!!!!!!
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    I knew I have been working OT for the past 2 months for some reason!

    Well, dear 12" PB, begin to enjoy your last days as my primary machine... (Play TAPS here)
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    robb01robb01 Posts: 148member
    It's so close I can feel it


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    shogunshogun Posts: 362member
    That lid looks exactly the same... Dunno what I expected. Well, yeah I do. I thought they might switch out the backlit apple and replace it with a shiny one like on the iPhone.
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    Originally Posted by jak1502 View Post

    Finally all will be reviled!

    You mean revealed?

    Mind you with some of the profanities aimed at Apple lately maybe reviled is the right word.
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    Finally I can switch to the Apple world! And hopefully Apple stock will start upward again. This is going to be awesome.
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    So from previous history, how soon after the announcement event are the units available for ordering at stores and online?

    This would be my first Mac too!
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    G5 PowerBooks, here we come!
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    Originally Posted by jak1502 View Post

    Finally all will be reviled!

    Very biblical!!

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    dr. xdr. x Posts: 282member
    What time? 10:00 AM?
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    shogunshogun Posts: 362member
    I don't get why all the excitement...

    I'm looking at the photos on the other page and these laptops look pretty much the same as the last gen. What am I missing?
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    I have no firm evidence to back this up; just a gut feel. But the aggressive price-points, the wholly-new aluminum body, perhaps colors, the 'I-can-have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too' Windows capability, and just the sheer 'Mac-is-back' feeling will conspire to make this debut one for the ages. I think there will be more converts from PC to Mac with this unveiling than ever before. The iPod/iPhone platforms are actually buoying the popularity of the Mac, which is kind of like a restaurant doing better with their meals because the desserts are so good.

    I'm an iMac owner who also uses (and loathes) the PC/Vista platform. This will be my very first Mac notebook, and I can't wait to get it. No putting it on a credit card for me; I've been squirreling away $$$ since early this year--heheh--the wife is clueless--which will turn from paper into aluminum in one, quick transaction.
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    PS: That's a social.

    PPS: Time to help out the economy; spend, baby, spend!
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    dr. xdr. x Posts: 282member
    Originally Posted by bubba451 View Post

    G5 PowerBooks, here we come!

    Hahaha, nice.
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    From all the leaks, the designs look very evolutionary to me.

    Perhaps Apple will put in revolutionary internals just as far better graphics and hardware (in GPU?) accelerated .H264 encoding and decoding?
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    Judging by the size of the track-pad, I would say we're going to be getting multiple-hand-gesture MacBooks! Isn't it bigger than the current ones?
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    fftfft Posts: 4member
    Can't wait to see what are the specs, and if apple really removes the FW from the macbooks, several industries rely on that, Video and Audio, and safe, reliable and fast storage... not

    the crappy usb protocol with it's variable speed...

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