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  • ProtonMail CEO says Apple strong-armed adoption of in-app purchases

    I'm not claiming to speak for the millions of iOS device owners, but I personally buy Apple devices for the sand-boxed and curated App Store. I don't want any alternate app stores.

    If you want alternate, and willy nilly then go buy an Android device, and sell your wares on those platforms. Leave our walled infrastructure alone. If you don't like it, then leave...
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  • YouTube TV hikes monthly subscription price to $65

    Exactly. It was already more than cable before, and now it's just ridiculous. 30% increase!?! Who would be interested in this? People with money to burn...
  • Google and Facebook allegedy working together to combat antitrust lawsuits

    There should be a law preventing giant behemoth monopolies from combining resources and working together against antitrust lawsuits. Just seems like logic and common sense considering that some of these companies and bigger and more powerful than many entire countries.
  • Tim Sweeney compares Epic's App Store fight with Apple to civil rights movement

    Shameful, and disgusting. If Sweeney had any shred of dignity or credibility left before this most recent comment (which he didn't), then comparing his fight with Apple to the civil rights movement certainly obliterated that.
  • ProtonMail CEO says Apple strong-armed adoption of in-app purchases

    The ProtonMail CEO is the typical crybaby narcissist who wants everything their way - have their cake and eat it too. He mentions none of the benefits of being in the iOS App Store, and getting who knows how many thousands of potential customers who may eventually subscribe for their paid tier of services, but only complains about having to actually pay rent after free-loading for two years. It's like the horrible roommate in college that we've all had that eats your food and doesn't pay any rent.

    These ProtonMail, Spotify, Epic apologists are probably also the type of people that go into a retail store, wasting a salesperson's time by asking a million questions, and then going online and buying the product on Amazon. Apple allows outside subscriptions, but it's just asking for their to be an in-app option as well to be fair. The free-loading roommates of the world just don't get it.

    BTW, there's a great alternative to ProtonMail... Tutanota. The privacy laws in Germany are even more strict and stronger than those in Switzerland.
  • Facebook, Luxottica will team up on AR glasses slated for 2021

    Two evil monopolies working together. Pass...
  • You can't stereo pair HomePod with HomePod mini, but home theater support coming soon

    rikipedia said:
    Apple is soooo late to the game with this product. Many of us have already found similar non-Apple solutions that work very well.

    I agree something like the mini should have come out much earlier, but those of us that care about privacy and data protection wouldn't be caught dead with "non-Apple" solutions from companies like google and Amazon.

    For us, these are welcome additions to an ecosystem that protects privacy, and In my case I will be filling my home with these HomePod minis.