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  • iPhone 13 Pro remote jailbreak earns researchers $300,000 in hacking contest

    Quick! And yet the Apple elite will claim that ios is super secure and alternative app stores will destroy the security model. Even while locked down, it’s clear the iOS kernel isn’t impenetrable. 
    Don’t pay bounty get criticized pay a bounty get criticized Apple can’t win. :)
  • China increases power cuts, 'scared' suppliers look to leave country

    Oak Ridge Tennessee Thorium Reactor worked for twenty years, fits in a 40’x40’’ room or on semi truck, requires no massive water cooling, requires Thorium pellets with minimum prep, disadvantage you can’t easily build a bomb out of the material left over which is why Nixon canned it.

    The Chinese will be hitting us over the head with our own tech. Sputnik all over….

    The overall size of a Thorium Reactor means one or many 2 or three can fit in a sub-basement of a hospital, office building, factory or Jay Leno’s garage.

    The sand on both the east and west coasts of India is nothing but Thorium in it’s natural state it is mildly radioactive. Which is why the Indians are working on their own designs (they started years before the Chinese) but the Chinese beat them to a working 100% Thorium Reactor. 

  • China increases power cuts, 'scared' suppliers look to leave country

    DAalseth said:
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    DAalseth said:
    lkrupp said:
    And if the climate change radicals get their way this is the future for the U.S. Learn to live one or two days a week without power... to save the planet of course.
    Thats a completely clueless comment. 
    Yeah, and how is it clueless? Energy needs are growing exponentially, not shrinking. Climate radicals insist that wind and solar will fill the need. No need for hydrocarbons or nuclear. Abject nonsense. My oldest son is director of engineering at a company deep in the power industry. He was part of the team that designed and built a solar power plant in the Mojave desert that uses liquid sodium to store energy. When he tells me hydrocarbons and nuclear will be around for a very long time I believe him. Solar and wind will never be able to provide a stable base load supply of electricity. The energy density of hydrocarbons far surpasses that of solar and wind. Add to that the problem of storing the energy produced by sources that are not 24/7/365 available.  

    The climate radicals won’t accept that fact. So yes, if they have their way, energy production will not be able to keep up with demand. If they get their way. Hoping for more rational minds to prevail. 
    It is clueless because you obviously know nothing about the subject. Do you ever wonder WHY it’s so hard to move over to renewables? Because the industry and those of us dealing with the issue are working very hard to NOT cause precisely the problems you so blithely say we want. Heck it would be simple to just turn off the power plants and let everyone sit in the dark and cold. But we’ve been struggling for decades to prevent exactly that outcome. As far as hydrocarbons being more energy dense, well that’s true. That’s why we are working so hard to advance alternatives that won’t kill the environment, and as a result billions of people. Moving off of fossil fuels is an absolute necessity. It’s just a matter of how. It’s not something we can wait another hundred years to figure out. We’re already fifty years too late to start.

    At one time whale oil was the fuel of choice. We transitioned to something better. When that happened there were howls of protest from people that said it would never work. But after a few years the transition was over and things got better. We are going through such a transition now. There are howls of protest and people insisting that it won’t work. They are simply wrong. We can’t afford to not make this change.

    The Chinese are working very hard a Thorium reactor is already built (able to support 1000 homes) and currently under going testing, if it works the way want, a 100,000 home reactor also in the works. The Chinese are very motivated like going from zero to many high speed rail systems in 15 short years.
  • Kuo: 2022 iPad Air won't use OLED to avoid harming 11-inch iPad Pro sales

    Xed said:
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    Xed said:
    danox said:
    OLED isn’t that good, burn in and color accuracy when compared to LCD still isn’t that good, Android hardware makers don’t care cartoon colors are fine.
    What about Apple with their iPhones and Watches?
    What about them OLED isn’t used in a iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, iPad Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, the new iMac M1 desktops, or the best monitor you can buy from Apple, and since the current new M series Macs released so far use LCD, Apple will probably continue to do so, color accuracy on those displays (laptops, desktops) used for editing might be important.

    OLED is a compromise that isn’t better for the end user long term. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OLED#Disadvantage
    You say they aren't good and yet Apple uses them on their most popular product and they've been using it on the Watch since day one. If you think that a TFT-LCD for an battery powered, always-on display is a good idea then you don't understand the technologies. All you care about is some pathetic, nerd-invented rivalry between Apple and the conglomerate Samsung, who happens to manufacturer the best OLED displays which usually Apple uses after they do their own tweaking. If Samsung still had the best fabs for microchips they'd surely be using them over TSMC, too.
    Samsung and Korea are one in the same, similar to the Chinese companies relationship to their government, and Samsung is out from making chips for Apple because they steal and frankly they suck at it when compared to TSMC…..

    OLED STILL SUCKS WHEN COMPARED TO LCD…. OLED sucks the juice when the background is white, color accuracy is off, and it’s total life time use is less than LCD, there won’t be many 7 or 10 year old computer screens working with OLED, just more trash for the landfill. After all in the Samsung tradition you can throw it away because you need to upgrade the OS.
  • Google making its own Chromebook CPU inspired by Apple's M1

    gatorguy said:
    lkrupp said:
    Those Sunnyvale photocopiers are back at it again, as usual...
    Can’t these bozos innovate anything on their own? Why are they watching what Apple does and then follow Apple’s lead? 
    Yeah, they're called Chromebooks
    Crap on a stick and that is why Google pays Apple 15 billion dollars to kiss Apple A__…..