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  • Apple continuing command of global smartphone profits, and the lead is growing

    lkrupp said:
    jas99 said:
    Yet, apparently, Apple is doomed. 
    Only the dumbest of the dumbest haters still think that. But they keep at it.
    I'm the guy reading the "Death of Stadia" story and thinking, when will Google tire of Android OS?
  • iPhone 14 will be sold in Russia despite Apple's departure

    entropys said:
    Baddies don’t turn into goodies just because they are attacked by a bigger baddie and are the underdog.
    Actually, you are completely wrong

    On June 23, 2022, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for the immediate granting of candidate status for EU membership to Ukraine. On the same day, the European Council granted Ukraine the status of a candidate for accession to the EU.
    Merely to gain candidate status, based on a number of prequalifications, means that "Ukraine isn't a baddie".
  • iPhone 14 will be sold in Russia despite Apple's departure

    entropys said:
    cpsro said:
    Madbum said:
    Russian people are not Putin

    also Ukraine Government bans males 18-60 from leaving country and separate Families

    Makes  you wonder if everything your head in the media is true about how Ukrainians are so eager to fight Russians forever, why they would need thAt rule?🤔
    That Gorbachev was a failure is not an uncommon opinion of Russians and it's most certainly Putin's opinion.
    Nobody is eager to fight forever, but sovereign nations will do what they have to to remain independent. The U.S. has drafted able-bodied men many times. If Ukraine was a member of NATO, we'd for sure have a presence there and Zelenskyy's government probably wouldn't need to conscript older men. These are not normal times and Ukraine will one day (hopefully soon) be a NATO member.
    I think Gorby was a failure. He had no plan for if Thatcher and Reagan out performed and out manoeuvred him, and so he had nothing planned to replace the communist state, say for example with a functional parliamentary democracy with property rights and rule of law. So Russia got anarchy and robber barons.

    as for the Ukraine business, just because Russia is an invading baddy didn’t mean the Ukraine government are goodies. They don’t mind a bit of graft and corruption either. Baddies vs baddies imho. I would also take a lot of Ukraine sourced war stories with a grain of salt. How many atrocities have you heard that suddenly get spoken of no more a day or so later? Is that what would happen in any other situation?

    maybe I have grown too cynical with age.
    Oh boy, another Tankie,

    Dude, keep up on current events. The Russians are getting their asses kicked because they are immensely incompetent and corrupt, and Ukraine's military has been near brilliant. Western support made a difference, obviously, but Russian incompetence is rife.
  • iPhone 14 will be sold in Russia despite Apple's departure

    rob53 said:
    What people need to realize is that the majority of a country's population generally wants to be friendly to other countries. It's the politicians and government along with the fringe that ruin everything. I don't have any issues with Russians, in fact I ran into a Russian student who was doing post grad work in the US. She was nice. Putin is the face of Russia but I really don't think he's the embodiment of Russian citizens. 
    That's not even good anecdotal evidence, and your statement is merely your opinion, unsupported by any evidence, which I shall be pleased to ignore.  
  • iPhone 14 will be sold in Russia despite Apple's departure

    AlexeyV said:
    One more time, stop reading mass media and use your own head.
    DAalseth said:
    We must do whatever it takes to stop the Putin-fascist forces.

    By any means necessary. 
    Have you ever been there, to say such a words? How many real Ukrainians (especially which don’t speak Ukrainian) do you talk with, to really know what happening there?
    FFS, it isn't like there isn't a number of sources of news coming out of Ukraine, and even Russia, and sorry to note, but RT is propaganda. The sanctions are having an effect, slowly, and more to the point, blissful Russians aren't even aware of how imperiled Russia is due to the "special military operation". I imagine that Visa restrictions into the EU will get their attention. When the collapse of Russia happens, and it will, it will be slowly, then, all at once.