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  • Face ID attention detection security defeated with glasses and tape

    Hardly an area of great concern for most users, but something that is worthwhile for Apple to know so they can take action to improve it.
  • DOJ approves merger of T-Mobile & Sprint, but states' lawsuit awaits [u]

    Years ago when the merger was on the table I was totally against it—I switched to T-Mobile from Sprint because Sprint had astoundingly deceptive customer policies and T-Mobile had astoundingly good ones.

    Back when I used Sprint they not only refused to unlock paid off iPhone 4s’s (they still won’t...!), they constantly and deliberately lied and misled their customers who were trying to get them unlocked—there were forums after forums with Sprint representatives saying the same lies, with customers reporting the same deceptive tactics while talking to customer service (I had the exact same experiences). I’ve never seen such blatant dishonesty from a company in my life.

    I didn’t want T-Mobile to be anything like Sprint. I became less bothered about the merger when I heard that John Legere would lead the company, but it still makes me feel unsettled. T-Mobile has completely shaken up the industry for the better, lower prices, more data, actual device payments instead of an inflated monthly contract, etc.
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  • Mac Pro won't get China tariff waiver, says President Trump

    I thought years ago Apple said the Mac Pro would be made in the US...
  • Mac Pro won't get China tariff waiver, says President Trump

    tomahawk said:
    Easy solution.  Do the same thing retailers love to do with sales.  Put a red slash through it but then put the phrase "Tariff Price: " and make it 25% higher.  Make it crystal clear who is actually paying for the tariffs (US consumers).
    Our culture lives on a dreamboat thinking we can enact great change with minimal inconvenience to our own lives. We’re in a lot of the messes we’re in now because we want to be comfortable, because we don’t want to lose anything ‘important’ to us.

    If we need to pay a ‘25%’ tax on products to help put China in its place then we should be willing.
  • US states could also investigate Apple & others over antitrust concerns

    rob53 said:
    Simple diversion by Trump and Barr. I don’t see the DOJ going after oil companies, pharmaceuticals, or media companies. How much money do the tech companies contribute to the Republican Party and how much lobbying dollars are used to pay them off compared to all the other lobbyists? This is purely political nothing more. 
    The only politically motivated thing here is your statement. 

    Seems to me that Barr may be using these antitrust investigations to try and scare tech companies into appeasing the encryption concerns. That’s pretty cheap but unfortunately normal for this type of thing.