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  • Apple sued for not paying New York Apple Store staff weekly

    crowley said:
    Seems frivolous. 
    Seems like an open and shut case.  Apple didn't have permission, therefore Apple broke the law.
    Except for the fact that it’s a huge stretch to consider working in an apple store manual labor! $5 million? This is a lawyers attempted extortion.  Let these whiny babies actually work manual labor.  Emptying a cash register, working a sales floor, unboxing?  Seriously, they need a reality check!  That is not even close to why that law was written.  
  • EU will force Apple & Google to allow third-party app stores, payment services

    I can see Class action suits be people who have been harmed by this overreach.  It’s taking us all back to the days of windows CE.  Security was crap, search everywhere to find an app, mass piracy, easy for anyone to make a fake App Store website and load it with pirated material and viruses/malware.  I guess they value cyber security like their NATO spending, not living up to obligations 
  • New iPad Air's thin back panel and creaks prompt build quality complaints

    Ok, I watched the video.  I would think that someone trying to show a flaw that causes the creaking, would zoom out enough to actually show what they were doing to the iPad to cause the sound, not a closeup of the screen and the sound.  Not making any accusations, but the video is evidence of nothing.  Not rushing to blindly defend apple.  I would actually like to see a better video showing what the claims are.  I have thought about getting an iPad Air. 
  • Illinois judge dismisses Apple's challenge to Chicago 'Netflix Tax'

    This has to be about the most ignorant comment I’ve seen here. Don’t misunderstand, I said the comment was ignorant.  It is not a judgement about you personally. I do not know you. Chicago is not making api’s, they aren’t making phones, operating systems, or hosting anything from apple on their servers. Chicago also is not constantly upgrading the operating system to make it more secure. Hell, they have done a poor job of trying to make the city safer for residents. I suspect the comment was more meant to troll.  It’s not well thought through

    dantheman827 said:
    So Apple doesn't want to pay a fee for selling their product in Chicago...

    This sound very familiar... Like Epic not wanting to pay a fee for selling their product in the App Store...

  • US could hit Russia with export rule that killed Huawei, banning US tech

    One major problem with your premise on the missiles, we had issues with Russia bring missiles with nuclear capabilities into Cuba.  Russia was trying to put nukes 90 miles off our coast.  NATO does not do that.  Adding that in, and your thesis kinda falls apart.  
    emoeller said:
    Putin is maniacal and not easily dissuaded.   If both iOS and Android were cut off that would be devastating as the home grown mobile OS that Russia is using is terrible.   Along with other sanctions it would cripple the Russian economy.

    Putin is far from maniacal.   He is calculating.  Coldly, calculating for what is best for his country.

    In 2014 Hillary promised Ukraine a NATO membership if they left the Russian fold.
    NATO and its missiles, fighter planes, bombers, tanks, etc... on Russia's border are a direct threat to Russia -- just as they were to us in 1960 when Russia started moving them into Cuba.
    How did Putin respond to Hillary's foolishness?  By making sure she was not elected president.  And, we didn't hear anymore about NATO in Ukraine till Biden took office.

    How did Russia respond to all of that?
    Russia wanted ALL Ukrainians to have a vote - so they supported the Minsk agreement.  But western Ukraine blocked it (after agreeing to it) -- so only western Ukrainians got to vote -- and they are voting to let in NATO missiles next door to Russia.   Russia is understandably worried about that -- just as we were when missiles were shipped to Cuba in 1960 when we said:  Either remove them or there WILL BE WAR!

    The west knows better than to face Russia militarily.  So it is taking the Trump route with "sanctions".
    But, like with Trump's.  It is us who will pay the price. Oil prices are already headed up to $100.

    Meanwhile, we've been throwing economic warfare around since 2016 and those we are targeting are beginning to take action to defend themselves.  That will weaken us even further.  Actually, a LOT further when the dollar and U.S. financial systems are no longer the world standard.

    The losers in this cock fight will be, once again, us, the people.
    All we have to do is commit to never letting NATO into Ukraine and this nonsense would be at an end.  We would lose nothing and the world would gain peace.
    But no.  Instead we're starting an economic war.
    ... Stupid.   Very, very stupid.