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  • Apple's iPhone SE 4 is reportedly a 5G engineering test, and not for sale

    I said this rumor was bullshit yesterday. 
  • 'Max' streaming service combines HBO Max & Discovery+, launches May 23

    This is their excuse for changing the name:

    Dropping HBO from the name is cementing that 'we're not just a home for premium programming,'" Alexander said. "'We're the home for anything you want to watch.'"

    I suspect, however, that the real reason Is because “Max” is much easier to remember and pronounce for the international audience that they will aggressively court. 
  • Hollywood insiders like Apple TV+ design, but have issues with content curation

    entropys said:
    Amazon is obviously trying to expand the number of subscriptions it supports via Prime. It is getting hard to find content amongst all the promotion of items that can only be watched through an additional subscription.
    I agree. Plus, they own Freevee and MGM+, which are even more poorly designed than Prime. 
  • iOS 17 could introduce updated Control Center, says leaker

    I know it might be minor, but I really wish they would give us the ability to rearrange Control Center icons from within Control Center itself. 
  • Nintendo won't be making any more 'Super Mario' games for iPhone

    chadbag said:
    The problem is that Nintendo dilutes the Mario games down to trivial games on mobile phones.   Give me a full Mario Kart and I’m there.  Even though I’ve paid for Mario Kart 8 on Wii U and on Switch.  Give me the real deal and I would pay real money.  

    Nintendo — it’s your own fault.   Not that your games on iPhone were bad sellers.   I bet 95% of game makers for phones would die for your sales numbers.  But you dilute the games down to simplistic trivial games and you get trivial results.  
    I agree with what you’re saying, but I really think that Nintendo doesn’t care. They released those games on iOS very reluctantly at first. They weren’t interested in developing any of their franchises for competitors devices. But the WiiU and early Switch years were pretty lean for them, so they relented out of necessity. Now with the Switch becoming the second best selling console of all time and rumors for the Switch 2 heating up, Nintendo is starting to bring everything back home. And I respect the hell out of them for it. That’s my 2¢ at least.