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  • Apple refusing to unlock device, locked with an AppleID, even with POP.

    Good to know the Apple ID device locking actually works... makes my stuff less desirable to thieves!
  • Ford will stick with CarPlay as GM exits for Google tech

    I consider myself pretty average as humans/people go.

    ...and I won't buy a car that doesn't support Apple CarPlay (or Android Auto, if I used that platform.)

    I wanted to buy a Tesla SO BAD last year... but I just couldn't do it due to the lack of CarPlay support... I spent more money to buy a car that supports the system I already use to track my entire life... so... I don't see how GM thinks they're gonna fare any better.
  • Apple unveils iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max with always-on display

    rumpels said:
    Here we go again with the sharp edges, and now a pill. Apple, you can do better than this! You have known for years that we all want round edges and no notch, no pill, NOTHING but screen. And you CAN build it. You did it many years ago with the MacBook Pro front camera. You can do it with the iPhone now. Stop playing with camera sensors and other crap, and making customers buy worthless devices for years before you complete what we all really want.

    Again… ROUND EDGES & TOTAL SCREEN. No holes, no pill, no notches!!!!!! When you build that iPhone, THEN I’ll upgrade my weak SE. Well be waiting. 
    no... that's what YOU want... not what EVERYBODY wants.  I hated the round edged phone (-6 era)... but I certainly wouldn't try to claim that EVERYbody hated it.

    And hiding a camera behind a generic LCD screen is not the same as putting various lighting and face-ID sensors behind an OLED TOUCH SCREEN... I'm not saying it can't be done, but just because you can do one, doesn't mean you can de facto do the other.

    Apple seems to be doing what hundreds of millions of people want, based on sales. (Just not what YOU want.)

  • Apple Watch Ultra debuts as a giant & rugged titanium model

    tyler82 said:
    Nice... but is it still useless if a drop of water gets on the display? Using my Apple Watch in the pool, or running and sweat gets on it, renders it unusable.
    Sounds like you've got a defective watch.  Mine works just fine in the pool... in the hot-tub... with sweat on it... completely underwater, or with just a drop or two on the face... doesn't seem to matter ever.

  • Apple wants LG & Samsung to make foldable iPhone screens that won't crumple

    2mm doesn't seem like a very thin glass panel to me. ... and where the hell are they using a 5mm panel currently???  ... the entire iPhone is less than 8mm !