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  • AT&T shows new applications of 5G, from gaming to 'Space Jam'

    My issue with AT&T (and probably all other carriers too) is that they lie.  They tell me I'm getting 5G service... they even put a little 5G symbol up in the corner of my phone's screen... but my phone doesn't even HAVE a 5G modem in it. (iPhone X)
    I can't possibly be using a 5G network, but ATT tells me I am... it's all marketing... ATT's marketing department defines "5G" differently from the 5G of the signal processing industry definition.

    When ATT says "5G devices are proliferating...", they are undoubtedly including my iPhone X that does not even contain a 5G modem... they are lying.
  • Apple officially pulls iMac Pro from its online storefront

    hagar said:
    My 2015 iMac has become unusable since upgrading to Big Sur. Turns out their flagship OS is incompatible with Fusion Drives causing huge performance issues. I’m very disappointed they don’t even care. 
    So for less than $200 you can replace the fusion drive with a 1TB SSD ... end of problems. (or a HDD for $50)

    I'm not sure you really want them to hamstring the latest OS just so it will work with hardware they made 6 years ago. :smiley: 
  • Apple capitulates to Russia laws requiring preinstalled software on iPhone, Mac

    nicholfd said:
    The title, "Apple agrees to Russia laws requiring preinstalled software" doesn't match the content:

    "Under the agreement, iPhones and iPads activated from April 1 onward will present a new screen to users, offering a selection of applications produced by Russian developers. Users will be able to select which apps they will allow or refuse to be installed via this screen as part of the set-up process."

    There is nothing preinstalled, if the body/content is correct.  Just an offer to install apps, which the user can refuse.
    Yep... AppleInsider likes clickbait headlines as much as any "news" outlet.  I miss the days of accurate reporting and lively discussion on this forum. Oh well... not my forum they can run it as they see fit.
  • Snap says upcoming iOS 14 privacy feature presents risk to business

    The app's users are not the customers.... 
    The users are the product.
  • Release of 8K displays held up by ongoing supply chain disruptions

    Why an 8K monitor at all?
    Your eyes can't discern pixels at that resolution... even at 5K you don't see them. (assuming a person's eyes are far enough away that they can see the entire screen.)

    So it's just for bragging rights that you sell/buy an 8k monitor? ... since there's no practical advantage to it.

    What am i missing?