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  • Long-running App Store monopoly lawsuit gains class-action status

    Who is behind this lawsuit?  The average app user?  Developers?  And minority of people who really don't care about apps at all but who only want money?

    Apps are not expensive and most people really aren't complaining that "app prices from Apple are so high!"  All I hear about are developers who want more profits and governments who capitulate to their demands, trying to attack Apple only because Apple is a successful company.  Basically, if you are successful, you ultimately will be charged for having experienced too much success.
  • Your brain may have a hard time adjusting to wearing and taking off Apple Vision Pro

    Article TITLE: "Extended use of Apple Vision Pro could have adverse effects on cognition"
    (Which is why I clicked it.)

    Article CONTENT: "However, the research and results appear to be primarily derived from using Meta Quest 3 headsets and other products — not Apple Vision Pro."
    And this: "
    The research points out that wearers of the Meta Quest 3 ran into issues... these problems may be less pronounced for Apple's product."

    What the heck?

    More Objective TITLE: "Does Apple Vision Pro beat competing headsets when it comes to adverse effects on cognition?"
  • Apple Car could automatically pick you up, take you home, and play your music on the way

    Pema said:
    All you ever read about the Applecar is it's coming. Then senior staff leaving to work at other companies. 
    So far, yours is the best comment of the bunch.  Spot on.  It's all talk with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to show for it.  And on top of that, most people are totally and utterly delusional about 100% autonomous vehicles, which I personally don't think will be a thing until long after I'm gone.  The tech simply isn't there, despite all the news stories talking about advances.  Even Tesla doesn't have a fully autonomous (no need for human intervention) type of a vehicle, which is a car that would need to drive in pretty much any condition (snow, high reflections, fog, etc.)  Sorry, but neither the so-called "Apple Car" or 100% Autonomous vehicles are coming our way anytime soon.  That remains true even if these rumors sites can show hard evidence of patents and other "research" taking place.  That research will be taking place for a very, very long time.  It's not like a 100% autonomous car can be your typical version 1.0 product that has major flaws that will be addressed in upgraded editions.  No.  Major flaws can be life and death wihen it comes to a car.  And then you have things like liability.  No consumer in their right mind would agree to accept liability for their car making a mistake, and I doubt car makers would want to accept it either.  

    All said, I don't believe the Apple Car or a fully autonomous vehicle will hit the streets even within the next 25 years.  It's much further into our future.
  • Apple Vision Pro is not the iPhone, and faces an incredibly steep uphill climb

    Is there a "killer app" that makes or breaks the iPhone? Mac? Apple Watch?  I am now aware of one and is why I ask.  The Mac especially exists because it can run a diverse selection of apps in a way that differentiates itself from the likes of Windows or Linux.  

    Perhaps the article is proposing a "killer EXPERIENCE" that no one yet knows about?  And yet, based on what I've read and seen, the killer experience would appear to be spacial video and anything related to that.  It is an experience that cannot be replicated by any other Apple device.  That, to me, is the appeal of Vision Pro.  And that is why I cannot fathom any one "app" bringing something new and groundbreaking to Vision Pro, anymore than a single app on Apple Watch makes it "suddenly attractive" to would-be buyers. 

    I myself don't own an Apple Watch, not because it's not great and not because I wouldn't like it.  I simply don't like to wear things on my wrist.  No app in the world is going to change that.  And such is a fact that pertains to me alone.  I don't hate Apple Watch at all, and I hope it sells well.  But I just don't like things on my wrist.  I suspect I may feel the same with a heavy thing on my face too, but I cannot cast judgment on that until I try it.  
  • Apple sells up to 180,000 Apple Vision Pro, says Kuo

    Marvin said:
    Meta Quest sells 5-10m units per year at around $500.

    It's simply amazing to me that so many people don't mind wearing a heavy thing on their head and face.  Then again, I dislike even wearing a wristwatch, so perhaps I am just unique.  Despite my own personal dislike of wearables, I as an AAPL investor do hope that Apple does well with this device.  Vision Pro is the next big step toward the future.  And while it surely won't happen until long after I'm gone, that future will certainly involve something not too dissimilar from the Star Trek Holodeck.  That would take "insanely great" to a whole new level.