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  • Future Apple Vision Pro may get Bob Ross-style virtual painting tools

    Well, Vision Pro certainly would become more comfortable if it shipped standard with Bob Ross hair as a band.
  • Apple's big WWDC 2024 announcement may be an AI App Store

    Merrick Garland's take:
    "Our beloved and caring DOJ is appalled Apple continues to make money on Apple stores, now with AI.  Whenever Apple comes out with something new, consumers pay higher prices.  The DOJ cannot stand by and let this happen. Using every blood-sucking attorney at our disposal, the DOJ will work hard to ensure Apple makes as little profit as possible so that consumers are not harmed. 
    —The DOJ. When you make it big, we come after you."
  • US DOJ attacks nearly every aspect of Apple's business in massive antitrust suit

    If Hamas lays down their weapons there will be no more war.  If Israel lays down their weapons there will be no more Israel.
    - Golda Meir
    Glad to see we agree on something.  Well, we both like Apple products, so that's two things.

    Are you still certain it’s Biden who is clueless?  
    Until Biden agrees to take a much needed metal competency test, one cannot say how truly clueless the current President is.  But if listening to a multiple of his speeches is any indication, there is much to be concerned about.

    If anyone is clueless, it would be Merrick Garland. That's not merely my opinion either:
  • US DOJ will finally sue Apple after years of antitrust investigation

    jdw said:
    While there is no law that prevents a US President from influencing the DOJ, the DOJ has traditionally projected itself as being independent from the executive branch and not easily manipulatable.  Even so, it is clear the current US President has no interest in preventing the DOJ from committing this horrific legal act to an American success story like Apple.  Based on what occurred at the DOJ under the previous President's leadership, it's unclear how a switch in Presidents this November would alter the status quo.  Even so, it would be nice to see this case go vaporize because it will cost all consumers more in the end, either through taxes used to fund this case via the DOJ, or through higher prices to Apple fans in the long haul, or more likely, both.

    Yes, my friends, you and I will be the people who will pay dearly for all this.  Not the DOJ.  Not Apple.  It's really quite sickening when you ponder it, especially so when I read people say crazy and uneducated things like "About time" regarding the DOJ doing this to Apple.  Total and utter insanity.
    Are you suggesting that the President should have carte blanche to hold sway over the DOJ and what lawsuits they bring?  What about separation of powers?  Not your thing?  
    No matter what I suggest, it seems clear you would take issue with it.  So I have nothing further to add.
  • Apple will crush the DoJ in court if Garland sticks with outdated arguments

    Why am I not surprised about the Department of Injustice or its chief, Merrick Garland?  
    This goes far beyond Apple.