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  • Using emoji makes you more likable, study finds

    I don't mind the use of emoji or the non-use, mainly because I'm Gen-X.  We existed on this planet long before emoji, the Twitter character limit, etc.  What bothers me is "texting English" which is basically just CODE that requires a dictionary of terms to figure out. Many young people use that "code" because they are too lazy to type. But if it puts them on the path to becoming a court reporter, fine and well!

    Even so, I think it would be wrong to make the use of emoji a requirement for likability because many people older than myself prefer not to use emoji at all. To treat them worse than younger folks who love emoji would amount to ageism or age discrimination.

  • New video shows how Crash Detection works on iPhone 14 and Apple Watch

    There are still fundamental, yet unanswered questions about how it operations.  For example, let's say you travel outside your English speaking country, to a country like Japan or China or Taiwan.  If you are in a crash, will it report the location information in the local language (as it should) or in the language of your Phone's UI?
  • iPhone 14 will be sold in Russia despite Apple's departure

    As an AAPL shareholder, naturally, I am pleased the the common people of Russia, will be able to purchase the items they need in their lives.  But I am even more happy about AppleInsider not locking down comments under this otherwise "political" post.  Freedom to comment is preferred over lockdowns.  Goodness knows we've had enough of those.
  • Apple unveils iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max with always-on display

    dewme said:
    I’m sure you know the shutter sound on Japanese versions of all brand smartphones has nothing to do with Apple at all. They are simply complying with the carriers demands in that country. 
    You should be aware you just contradicted yourself by saying that shutter sound compliance in Japan "has NOTHING to do with Apple at all" while in your very next sentence you state the truth that it DOES have to do with Apple "complying with the carriers"!  Regardless of the reason for it, making certain iPhone functionality permanent for a given market VERY MUCH has something "to do with Apple."  Some people try to rationalize such capitulation, while folks like myself who have lived in Japan continuously since 1994 don't need to rationalize such "do like others do" craziness, especially when one has been able to just buy a US model iPhone and use it here without such ridiculous and bothersome features. Might as well start defending the Great Firewall of China next.  Not every convention and custom is great one, even if it was done with noble intentions in mind.  As you can see, I'm not fan of the nanny state, and I don't hide that fact when give the opportunity.

    But I am very glad and thrilled to the core that we agree that the eSIM thing is "a legitimate concern" because it absolutely is for people who travel internationally.  Again, we need to know if US based iPhone buyers can order an "international version" of the iPhone 14 which has the SIM tray.  If not, that is a huge mistake on Apple's part.
  • Apple unveils iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max with always-on display

    removal of SIM tray is concerning, that's a bit like the removal of the audio jack.
    WRONG!  It's a very big issue because the headphone jack had nothing to do with being able to get wireless connectivity.  The absence of a SIMM tray DOES affect that!  It's a major deal.

    Here in Japan, Apple has chosen to foolishly implement a loud shutter sound when photos are taken. (Don't argue with me about why, it's stupid!)  When my daughter moved to the US for college, she took her phone to Apple and asked to get that horrid sound removed, but they said they can't do anything because the Japanese iPhone hardware locks that feature into place!  The only workaround is to buy a US iPhone.  But now if you do that, it only comes with an eSIM and if a carrier overseas won't support that, you are in a real world of HURT!

    So we need to hear from AppleInsider about whether Apple will sell "international versions" of the iPhone in the USA to US buyers.  This isn't just for people who prefer to live overseas, but it pertains to anyone who travels outside the US often.