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  • DaVinci Resolve video editor arrives on iPad

    AppleInsider, thank you for the info.  Now we need you to give us a full COMPARISON review of Resolve on iPad versus LumaFusion.  That's right.  Not simply a review of Resolve, but extra info about how it compares with LumaFusion.  We need to know if Resolve on iPad is really that much better than LumaFusion, or if it isn't but simply a different UI that is more familiar to existing Resolve users (of which, I am not one -- I use FCPX on the Mac exclusively).
  • Apple and big tech lobbying fends off U.S. legislative efforts

    A huge "THANK GOODNESS!" from every American who holds AAPL in their investment portfolio (which includes everyday Americans, not simply billionaires)!  

    Indirectly harming AAPL (as if it hasn't been harmed enough but the market itself in 2022) through silly Legislative action harms everyone who holds the stock.
  • Meta's VR ambitions Doomed as Carmack exits

    I'm very surprised AppleInsider didn't mention in the article the reason why they used the trigger word "Doomed" in the title!  Carmack co-created the game Doom (and Quake).  However, if it was Doomed in that way, it would mean Carmack is staying at Meta, but if we reword the title to say unDoomed, it is strange and loses meaning too.  Anyway, Carmack's game is why that keyword was used in the title.

    With that said, I think one-of-a-kind supermen like Steve Jobs are not a common thing.  To suggest Meta is "doomed" because of the loss of this one man is to suggest no one else could replace him.  In the current working environment at Meta, an amazing replacement person in the VR space probably wouldn't help.  They first need to get Zuckerberg and upper management to understand the reason why Carmack left, then address that so they can get their project back on track.

    Zuckerberg needs to shake-up Meta akin to what Musk has done to Twitter, getting rid of the cruft in order to be laser focused on certain key objectives.  There's no telling whether Musk will ultimately succeed, but at least he's willing to brave horrific daily criticism in order to try new things.  Maybe the departure of Carmack will shake Zuckerberg enough to do a rethink.  And it's not that I am a huge FaceBook/Meta fan either.  I just feel we need intelligent competition in the VR space.  Heavy and expensive googles are not something I'd buy, but I realize that is a stepping stone to "lighter and cheaper" versions appearing in the future, assuming companies like Meta and Apple don't abandon these products entirely before they finally release the insanely great version that most people will eventually want.
  • Apple's internal report says that it doesn't stifle employee speech

    lkrupp said:
    jdw said:
     If I want to post under AppleInsider's article/ads about the MS Office license for $29, I should be able to do that, especially since I have purchased two licenses over the past year, for prices higher than that, and I am a satisfied customer.  Makes no sense to limit my good comment out of fear some bozo might come along and be a negative idiot.
    And then this place turns into MacRumors. Is that what you want? AppleInsider overrun with idiots?
    Although I prefer to post under articles here and not there, please know that is your take, not mine or the majority of people.  Fact is that when I Google a topic to get help on a Mac issue, more often than not, MacRumors forum posts will appear atop the results, not the AI forum, and I have been helped countless times by those so-called "idiots".

    ronn said:
    ...there's nothing stopping you from creating a now thread in the forum area.
    There is ME stopping me.  I only post in the AI forum under articles.  I am not a Forum Dweller.  You know the kind.  Those folks have thousands if not tens of thousands of posts to their name because they are addicted to a given forum and can't stop themselves.  That remains true regardless of bans on comments under particular articles.  Who is trying to assist those folks in getting professional help?  Seriously, some of these people have so many posts it makes you wonder if they ever go outside and see the light of the sun.

    I think it's important for me to say I am not one of those forum dwellers.  One can easily see that from my post count in this forum versus how many years I've been here -- since 2006 (which means 16 years, friend!).  That proves I post only under articles and limit myself to only meaningful posts.  If I was commented under everything, or trying to "be right" perpetually to get the last word, I'd probably have 10,000+ posts to my name by now.  But that isn't who I am and isn't what I want.

    I simply want freedom to post under more articles if the content prompts me to do so. That is what I mean by "freer speech" in all I've written thus far on the topic.  And as I stated previously, in my mind, that has NOTHING whatsoever to do with RIGHTS.  It's a goal we all should share, but sadly, as some of you seem to indicate, you couldn't care less about it.  That to me is quite worrying.  Almost as worrying as people without tens of thousands of posts to their name (i.e., folks who are very much addicted to a forum and really do need to take a break from posting as a result.)
  • Three heart rate measuring patents used in suit against Apple invalidated

    Excellent news.  Down with patent troll, AlivCor!