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  • Quote: Originally Posted by Avalanche What do you expect to change in 2010 imacs? They will fix the screens.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by spliff monkey Doesn't perian let you do that? I know I've had to mess about with that issue before. It does to an extent but the performance is not as good as native codecs. Also, you have to launch QT in 32 bit mod…
  • I would love to see an update that allows QTX to play .m4v/.mp4 files that have a AC3 soundtrack.
  • Has anyone tried using Google Calendar with iCal? Quote: Originally Posted by iCal sets up your Gmail and Yahoo! calendars automatically. Just type in your address…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Frediography i just bought a macbook - 3 weeks wait, but i hope they dont bring something new out that quickly. Mind you, i dont really need 64bit proccessing... 3 weeks? was it a BTO machine? a friend just bought …
  • most '.mpg' files are either mpeg1 or mpeg 2; neither format is supported by the video ipod. Use quicktime pro or podner to convert the files. both apps are relatively cheap, and worth the money (espcially podner). the ipod is more likely to supp…
    in MPEG video Comment by cosmo January 2006
  • The new iPods don't even support FW400, i don't see them supporting 800 anytime soon. Also, with regard to speed, i don't think the HDDs in iPods can even max out the bandwidth of FW400, let alone 800. So there most likely would be little if any …
  • Ironically, i'm pretty sure Tony Hawk is a pretty big mac supporter. I know, I know, intel macs are coming, but they're not here yet.
  • Wasn't there a thread about this earlier this week? Anyway newertech makes replacement batteries that have slightly higher capacity than the stock apple batter. Also, be sure to try resetting your battery by running it all the way down and chargi…
  • Wow, thanks for the heads up about RyanAir. I am travelling to the UK this winter. I'll be studying in Leeds for the winter term and am planning to do a lot of travelling. I had seen RyanAir and EasyJet before and had planned to use both servi…
  • VLC also works well. I find it is less bloated than QT 7. I use it for playing videos full screen even though i have QT Pro.
  • i use my 3G ipod as a portible harddrive from time to time. problem is that its formatted for a Mac, so i haven't beena ble to find a way to get it work with windows machines... it works great with other macs though, plug and play.
  • well menuMeters can keep track of total throughput, but it resets everytime you reset the machine (maybe even when you logout) it might be a good way to get a rough estimate as long as you make note of your totals before shutting down. then add u…
  • I was wondering the same thing. I have been unable to find a way to fix this problem, other than deleting the backup archives and starting a fresh backup. this is annoying. i do see the added functionality of being able to backup from any of your…
  • who will be paying for the bandwidth? i'm sure it won't be cheap... i guess the BBC could host the videos on their own servers
  • QuickTime Pro is the easiest way to convert your videos. arstechnica had a good article about getting video onto the new ipods: good luck and enjoy the new toy!
  • I remember when the 4G iPods (or was it the mini?) came out with the suffle songs feature in the main menu. It took a while for other ipods to get a firmware update to support the new featuers, but eventially they did. Hopefully the same will occur …
  • i belive the dock connector is the same, but the nano does not support firewire. so if you have any usb accessories with a doc connector i think they will work, otherwise you may be out of luck.
  • Toast 7 will do all of this for you. its a very powerful app, well worth the money imo.
  • did anyone else notice that in picture 5 the screen reads: "FireWire connections are not supported. To transfer songs connect the USB cable provided. Press Center to dismiss" seems odd that firewire is not supported.