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  • iPhone must use USB-C by 2024, says EU law

    Madbum said:
    EU=Modern day communists in suits
    Anything I don't like = communism. 

    It's amazing how McCarthyism can still raise its perverse stink, seven decades and more than two generations later. 
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  • iPhone must use USB-C by 2024, says EU law

    BossaYeye said:
    Really hoping Apple adds USB-C to the iPhone.
     But they’re probably going to try to go portless before that even happens.  :/
    They can't go ProRes & 8K with terabyte iPhone storage and wireless-only. 
  • Obscene Apple News notification first sign that Fast Company was hacked

    Who still actually reads AppleNews?

    I would, if it were finally available in this country. 

    It is not. 
  • YouTuber wrecks car to test iPhone 14 crash detection

    Essentially useless features as in modern cars (at least in the EU) it's been a legal requirement, that they call emergency services after the crash is detected. Together with the essentially useless satellite emergency call (at least outside US), this years iPhone introduction was quite useless.

    What a bizarrely vapid comment. „On one continent, all cars that are newer that four years do this automatically, so this is useless. Also, the satellite SOS service which has been launched in the United States is useless.“ 

    Because, apparently, nobody lives in the US, nobody in Europe drives a car older than 2018, and indeed nobody outside of Europe gets in crashes, and the satellite SOS will never be offered outside of the USA. 

    What on Earth possessed you to post that? 
  • Emergency SOS via satellite expanding to more countries in 2022, sketchy report says

    tht said:
    spheric said:
    docbburk said:
    Since iPhones back to the iPhone 12 are capable of this function, I wonder if they will eventually open that option.  I have a feeling the answer to that will be no, to encourage people to upgrade, and because the satellite system used likely is concerned it won't have the capacity to handle the sos messages from that many iPhones in times of natural disaster where millions may be affected 
    No iPhones prior to the 14 series are capable of sending SOS signals via satellite. 
    GlobalStar sat-comm will be reliant on support of the n53 spectrum. It think that is at 3.5 GHz. The Qualcomm X65 modem supports it. The iPhone 13 QC modem may be an X65 modem, I don't know. There likely needs to be an antenna inside the phone capable of supporting it. So, I supposed I could find out what modem is in the iPhone 13.
    iPhone 13 has an X60.